Monday 20 August 2012

Marquee lights

Over the last few months I have been glued to pinterest, looking for inspiration for filling up the white walls in our new home. Things are slowly coming together (we have the most AMAZING artwork in our kitchen, which I will blog about soon), but I am utterly stuck on some rooms. 

Then this morning this image popped up, pinned by the lovely Zoe from Conversation Pieces (one of the best lifestyle blogs in town).

Look at it! It's brilliant! Slight obsession kicking in, I started my search for marquee lights (imagining them on my bedroom wall, how lovely) and found this beauty. 

Etsy - West Vintage Trading Co 
Perfect, right? Except.. oh. It's $400.


Etsy - Vintage Marquee Lights 
This one is $199... ahem.

Ruffled DIY
This one? It's a DIY! Thank goodness for the crafty bloggers of the internet! Ruffled have a slightly complicated but awesome looking version, using poster board.

Geeksugar DIY
& my very favourite - geeksugar just bought metal letters, drilled in some holes & threaded through fairy lights! I reckon I could try this version... I own a drill & if things go HORRIBLY wrong then it would still be under £10, if I just bought a metal letter off ebay.

Hmm - wish me luck! I will report back...


  1. This looks fab Juliet! Such a lovely idea! Are you going to spell out a word?
    Lianne x

    1. Yeah, I quite like the idea of having "sleep" in my bedroom. x


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