Tuesday 21 August 2012

What to wear to a festival

I love music festival season. Love love love it. I had planned to do this post way back in May (to coincide with the big Scottish festivals) but got a wee bit side-tracked & oh, now it's almost the end of August. Not to worry! The behemoth that is Reading and Leeds are fast approaching.. so I thought it would be fun to do a post on what to wear (in an realistic world) to a music festival.


T in the Park hair: 2011
Don't judge me for being a one hair wonder in the photos above, but an easy, out of your face updo is perfect for festival hair! I went with a heidi-style hair braid for T in the Park, which was held up by quite a few kirby grips & lots of hairspray. 

A hair scarf is also a good shout - it will hide a multitude of mucky hair sins. 

British weather is totally unreliable, so it's best to be a bit of a pessimist and just assume that ANYTHING you put on might get absolutely drenched/covered in mud. That's why I always feel a bit nervous for people who wear white/light pink floral crowns to festivals... they are gorgeous but imagine if they fell off in mud! You'd be gutted! 

Dry shampoo is, as always, your friend. 


Topshop satchel | ASOS mac | AX paris dress | My beloved leopard print mac
Wear many light layers that you can pile on, or pack in your bag as required. There's nothing worst than being FREEZING because you hoped it might be sunny all weekend. The best thing you can take is a light parka jacket that will keep you dry (and surprisingly warm). I bought my leopard print one in New Look a few years ago and have embarrassingly kept it and loved it ever since. 

Also remember that your only choice of bathroom is a grubby portaloo, so avoid playsuits (unless you want to run the risk of the dodgy door blowing open whilst it's round your ankles!). A dress is a good shout as you can put on tights/more socks as the day gets colder, but it'll keep you nice & cool if the weather is on your side.


What do you do when faced with weather like this?

Wear shoes that will handle the worst puddles you can imagine!

Original Hunter  |  Roxy Winona | Short Hunter boots

Wellie boots are ESSENTIAL to surviving a festival - there's nothing worst than cold, wet, squelchy feet! You might think you'll never wear them again, but think of all the fun you can have stomping around in the snow at Christmas. Also, if you live in Scotland you will DEFINITELY find another excuse to wear them (sob sob sob).

Well, that's been fun. Have an absolute blast if you are festivalling up this weekend - I'M SO JEALOUS.


  1. Love my wellies - festival or not I live in Scotland so they become part of your every other day wardrobe! x

  2. we love a long rain coat too! (just incase) :) x


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