Tuesday 30 April 2013

Outfit: London town

I'm just back from a very fun-filled long weekend in London. One of my very best friends lives down there so I'm always looking for an excuse to go down & see her, but I also had tickets to see BEYONCE - my first trip to a big pop gig at the O2!

I had really good intentions to do touristy things and take nice photos, but instead my days were spent having  loads of fun with my pals - we listened to punk pop from 10 years ago, laughed until we cried, drank gin in the sunshine & generally just had a lovely time. So much fun!

On my last day I did manage to remember I had the camera with me, so took some outfit photos on a lovely leafy street in London. This is a super slouchy outfit that was perfect for mooching round Camden, drinking massive milkshakes at the Diner & then flying home to my bonny city.

Dress - Primark
Cardigan - Matalan
Shoes - Clarks flat shoes*
Bag - Leather Satchel Co
I'm always so jealous of the lovely sunny days that Londoners get - this was my first time out WITHOUT A JACKET this year, due to the never-ending winter that Scotland seemed to have. The world is so much nicer when it's warm - fingers crossed Edinburgh actually gets a summer this year!

Necklace - Accessorize
Nail Varnish - Models Own Balearic Cool
I bought this cute elephant pendant from Covent Garden, while I was in a post-food haze from a super-indulgent lunch at Wahaca - seriously good Mexican eating! On reflection, most of my London trips seem to revolve around dining out... must try and be a little more cultured & book theatre tickets next time I'm there!

Ah, it was a really good weekend (even if I have no more photos other than blurry instagrams!). Til next time London!

Friday 26 April 2013

Illustrated Blogger #3: Nerd Burger

Here's the next installment in my newest feature - Illustrated Bloggers. Each month I introduce you to one of my favourite bloggers & tell you why they are brilliant. I love them so hopefully you will too!

Who is she? Cazz from Nerd Burger

What's her site about? A super colourful site that covers crafts, nerdy things, geeky fashion & her jewellery company

Why is she brilliant?

  • In a world of identikit bloggers, Nerd Burger stands out by a MILE. Cazz isn't afraid to be a bit geeky and have fun with what she wears, which I love!
  • Nerd Burger jewellery (her shop) is full of kitsch, quirky jewellery, which is perfect if you love comics, superheroes, or have 90s nostalgia (Sabrina hair band, anyone?).
  • She has the world's best hair. I want pink and purple hair!
  • She writes a lot of hilarious posts, but her montage of Chuck Bass fashion made me laugh SO much.
  • Every post is so cheery and positive, and she's such a smiley person (much more than my portrait would suggest!). I always look forward to seeing a new post from her, it's guaranteed to be colourful & fun & cheer me up! 

 Previous illustrated bloggers: 

Monday 22 April 2013

Floral wishlist

After months of rain & gloom, my garden is finally looking pretty again as things start to grow & colourful flowers pop up. I've been a rubbish gardener so far this year (despite all good intentions, I've planted no spring seeds so far), but last autumn I went a bit crazy with winter bulbs... which means I have bursts of purple, red, yellow, pink and blues all over the place!

SO because flowers are lovely & make people smile, here's a wishlist of floral-esque nice things (because you can't be in a garden all the time, can you?).

Top row

Bottom row

I have been on the lookout for a nice new scarf for ages, and I think the skulls are enough to keep my inner grunge kid happy. I never ever wear white shoes (I'm too scruffy!) but I think these ones could be an exception... look at that Liberty print! 

Friday 19 April 2013

Ever So Juliet is two!

This post is a little behind schedule (blame working at a festival - lots of fun, but no time for anything else!), but I wanted to mark the occasion with a rambly post.

Last month marked two years since I decided to be a bit brave, start a blog, and write a very awkward first post. Happy blog anniversary to me!

I didn't realise back then how much "being a blogger" would become such a big part of my identity. I also didn't realise how much time or effort blogging would actually take... if I had I wonder if I would have been as keen to dive in? Blogging has become a ridiculously important part of my life. I feel like I'm always working away on it, either through writing posts, researching, taking photos, tinkering with images and design, or trying out DIYs (which leads to random Monday evenings in full-face zombie make up).

There's lots of very good things that come with a blog. I feel so much more motivated to do things... whether that's baking, doing nice things to my hair, exploring my very favourite city, wearing nice clothes, or just trying to be a cheery person. Having a platform to chat on & regularly update has definitely been really helpful in keeping me on track with my new year's resolution and I definitely take more photos than I ever did before! 

The last year has been a bit of a learning curve for me, as I've appeared on various PR & brand radars, who've wanted to work with me. At first it was all very exciting and I said yes to EVERYTHING, but now I'm trying to be a little more strict regarding who I work with & what I cover (there's nothing like being ridiculously busy to make you realise what emails are important to you!).

But as much as free things and being paid to write is nice (obviously it is), it's not what keeps bringing me back, updating even if I'm knackered or would really prefer to just watch the new Game of Thrones episode thank-you-very-much. I blog because I love it. I love that I have this super fun site that is all about me and my pals and the things I am doing. & people actually read it! Not just my pals and my mum and my sisters, but thousands and thousands of you each month. It properly blows my mind.

So thank you for reading my very rambly, slightly scruffy posts. I hope you keep reading, and that I can be entertaining or helpful or cheer you up in some way. Here's to year three.

Wednesday 17 April 2013

Motel Rocks sunglasses

After months and months of living in an endless winter, the sun FINALLY came out at the weekend. Hooray! Even though it was still a bit too cold, and definitely a bit too breezy, I lay in my garden & soaked up as much natural light as I could... I worry that I've been developing a vitamin D deficiency!

The sunshine also gave me an excuse to whip out my brand new sunglasses, vintage inspired wayfarers from Motel Rocks. I love them!

Spot the self-snap!
They were only £18 (bargain!) and do feel a wee bit plasticy, but not flimsy at all - I have full faith that I can chuck them in my bag and they'll live to see another day. They felt a wee bit small for me at first, but not too uncomfortable, and I think they'll stretch to fit (does this mean I have a big head? Oh dear!). That aside, I'm really, really pleased with them.

Motel Rocks vintage wayfarers - £18
Motel have got a few different styles in their shop at the moment... I'm also eyeing up this tortoiseshell pair. Lovely!

Also, remember that the code eversojuliet will get you 20% off at Motel Rocks all the time (apart from, annoyingly, some accessories - like these! Good if you fancy a dress though).

Tuesday 16 April 2013

Hard Rock Cafe, Edinburgh

Last month (before festival madness began) I was invited down to Edinburgh's Hard Rock Cafe to try out their new and improved Legendary Burger menu. Whenever I think of Hard Rock I always remember being on holiday in Orlando, and thinking it was the absolute COOLEST restaurant in the world (I was 10, and was easily impressed by guitars and loud music).

These days I tend to think more of it as a place to go for lovely cocktails, it's been ages since I've actually been there for food! So I was glad of the excuse to go, and see if it lived up to my memories...

Each Hard Rock cafe has a local option on the Legendary Burger menu, and Edinburgh's is (unsurprisingly) a  Haggis burger, which comes with mull cheddar cheese, whisky maple mustard glaze and deep fried turnips. Now, I do heart haggis (have you tried it? It's amaaaazing!) but I am not yet convinced that it belongs on a burger, so instead I went for a classic - the Legendary 10oz. burger. This came with bacon, cheese, a crisp fried onion ring, lettuce, tomato and pickles. Proper hearty, American burger ingredients!

Craig (being vegetarian) picked the Veggie Leggie - a grilled soy patty topped with a portobello mushroom, zucchini, yellow squash and roasted red pepper. Most restaurants (especially big chains) tend to be very lazy with looking after vegetarians, so we were both SO PLEASED with how lovely and helpful the HRC server was! 

When he ordered the server pointed out that the veggie burger used a meat-like equivalent (which he really liked, but appreciated the warning), and also offered to go through the menu with him and tell him what meat dishes could be turned into Craig-friendly ones. I always feel a bit guilty going out for dinner to somewhere that only has one or two veggie choices on the menu, so this was ace customer service, cheers Hard Rock!

Both burgers were super tasty and passed the soggy bun test (I HATE when burger rolls fall apart half way through!). It's obviously not the healthiest meal to have, but when you are in the mood for some dineresque food you really can't go wrong with Hard Rock.

Monday 15 April 2013

A catch up

Hello everyone! I feel like I've utterly abandoned my blog over the last few weeks, so I thought I'd fill you in on what I've been up to.

Life has mainly revolved around work - I'm now almost two months into my new job (time has absolutely flown by!) and the festival has been and gone. In two and a half weeks I went to twenty one events (which included twenty minutes on quantum physics theory that made my brain HURT), had a ridiculous number of late nights (either working or playing, or a combo of both), drank a fair amount of gin, learned LOADS, daydreamed about a lie in LOADS too, ate bright green mushrooms, danced at a UV disco, and met a lot of very, very lovely people.  

Here's what it looked like.

From top to bottom:

Pals | being in a massive bubble | attempting to learn MATHS | more pals
The very very fun LateLab (if you are in Edinburgh you should go to one, they are awesome!) | a good hair day
Pisces (I heart balloons!) | being a photobooth idiot with Muzza | eating weirdo food | PALS

Lots and lots and lots of fun. Life is returning to normal now, and I've managed to catch up on sleep, start eating at normal times again & have had time to even do washing! Exciting stuff.

Monday 1 April 2013

March instagram

I have had SUCH a busy month, but it's been so much fun too! I've been at my new job for six weeks now and the time has totally flown by. The festival is in full swing, and with it there's been manic days, very late nights & a lot to take in. But I've also met the nicest people, am starting to get new pals & have learned LOADS (turns out working in science is quite educational, who'd have thought it?). 

Here's what March looked like for me...

Instagram username: @eversojuliet
1. Thanks to twitter, I managed to get tickets to Dylan Moran's secret(ish) gig at the Stand Comedy Club. The last time I saw him was from ridiculously far away seats in the Playhouse, so it was really fun to see him in such a small place!

2. There are loads of lovely cafes around my new work... so most lunchtimes I need to use a lot of willpower to avoid buying amazing-looking cakes. It's hard!

3. I've made a start on making my own Hobbit House bonsai tree (yes, I am a massive geek). I just need to buy some fimo and start crafting! (& try not to kill the tree). 

4. Riley being adorable. Again.

5. I painted a card for my mum for mother's day. I'm still pretty obsessed with painting cute little fat birds. 

6. I scrubbed up & dressed like a fifties housewife. I keep cutting my fringe myself, and can NEVER get it straight. I thought I had done quite a good job, but after looking at this photo I've realised how wonky it is. Oops!

7. The Science Festival starts! We had an opening party at the City Art Centre and it was so much fun! There was loads of workshops and sciencey things to play with, and the most amazing cake....

8. ...this one! Have you ever seen a better robot cake? It was super tasty too.

9. As part of the festival, Jason Hackenwerth (a New York artist who works with balloons) made the most amazing balloon sculpture that is now in the grand gallery of the National Museum of Scotland. He spent the last week building it on site and it's been amazing seeing it come together. I didn't know balloon sculptures could make me so happy!

10. I've barely read anything this month, so book love is going to be delayed for a little while (sorry!). This is next on my list - I love love love Jeanette Winterson & can't wait to get stuck in. 

11. I am seriously in love with watercolours, so glad I started painting again!

12. Playing bone jenga in the Loft Bar! I normally only ever go there in August (when Gilded Balloon use it for the Fringe), but this year it has been turned into the Science Festival social hub. If you are in Edinburgh and want to hang out with scientists, go to Teviot - we're even brewed our own beer!