Monday 1 April 2013

March instagram

I have had SUCH a busy month, but it's been so much fun too! I've been at my new job for six weeks now and the time has totally flown by. The festival is in full swing, and with it there's been manic days, very late nights & a lot to take in. But I've also met the nicest people, am starting to get new pals & have learned LOADS (turns out working in science is quite educational, who'd have thought it?). 

Here's what March looked like for me...

Instagram username: @eversojuliet
1. Thanks to twitter, I managed to get tickets to Dylan Moran's secret(ish) gig at the Stand Comedy Club. The last time I saw him was from ridiculously far away seats in the Playhouse, so it was really fun to see him in such a small place!

2. There are loads of lovely cafes around my new work... so most lunchtimes I need to use a lot of willpower to avoid buying amazing-looking cakes. It's hard!

3. I've made a start on making my own Hobbit House bonsai tree (yes, I am a massive geek). I just need to buy some fimo and start crafting! (& try not to kill the tree). 

4. Riley being adorable. Again.

5. I painted a card for my mum for mother's day. I'm still pretty obsessed with painting cute little fat birds. 

6. I scrubbed up & dressed like a fifties housewife. I keep cutting my fringe myself, and can NEVER get it straight. I thought I had done quite a good job, but after looking at this photo I've realised how wonky it is. Oops!

7. The Science Festival starts! We had an opening party at the City Art Centre and it was so much fun! There was loads of workshops and sciencey things to play with, and the most amazing cake....

8. ...this one! Have you ever seen a better robot cake? It was super tasty too.

9. As part of the festival, Jason Hackenwerth (a New York artist who works with balloons) made the most amazing balloon sculpture that is now in the grand gallery of the National Museum of Scotland. He spent the last week building it on site and it's been amazing seeing it come together. I didn't know balloon sculptures could make me so happy!

10. I've barely read anything this month, so book love is going to be delayed for a little while (sorry!). This is next on my list - I love love love Jeanette Winterson & can't wait to get stuck in. 

11. I am seriously in love with watercolours, so glad I started painting again!

12. Playing bone jenga in the Loft Bar! I normally only ever go there in August (when Gilded Balloon use it for the Fringe), but this year it has been turned into the Science Festival social hub. If you are in Edinburgh and want to hang out with scientists, go to Teviot - we're even brewed our own beer! 


  1. Your art is so amazing. You've got to share some more pieces!


  2. Love this post! I saw the balloon sculpture last week when it was still half finished and was very intrigued! Your new job sounds really cool. Especially if it involves robot cakes like that! It. Looks. AMAZING. Xxx

    1. Oh it is AWESOME! You'll need to go back & see it up in the gallery, it's so much fun xx

  3. Robot cake? Awesome!

    And lucky you, getting tickets to see Dylan Moran! The boy and I were just discussing him yesterday :) Good stuff.

  4. Your mother's day card is lovely. I love cute little birds :)
    emmerliejay x

  5. Can't wait to see your finished Hobbit House (I'm a massive in case you hadn't realised yet!)

    You new job sounds awesome, so glad you're enjoying it!

    Amy x

  6. Ah Riley...he really is adorable!


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