Sunday 18 May 2014

How to: use a waving wand

After an absolute age, I'm back with a video tutorial!

My hair is naturally curly, but it never dries in a nice way, I always look like I've been dragged through a bush backwards (which really isn't the look I'm going for). So, for well behaved waves I have to use a styling tool, and am always on the look out for one that is simple to use (I can't use tongs to save my life), doesn't take ages, and won't totally frazzle my hair.

For this tutorial I used a Silk Waving Wand*, sent to me by the nice folks at Remington. Here's how I got on...

It took 13 minutes (I timed it!) to do my whole head of hair, which I'm pretty pleased with, given the thick mane I have to deal with. Each curl set really quickly, which is important as you don't want loads of heat on your hair - it'll go all dry and unhappy if you scorch it regularly.

The wand costs £34.99, so it's pretty affordable. It comes with a heat proof pouch and heat protection glove, which is good news if you are scared of burning yourself on the barrel (which gets pretty hot, but you'll probably be surprised by how easy it is to use without hurting yourself. Just don't get distracted and DROP IT ON YOURSELF. Which I didn't do with this one, but have with another curling wand. OW). 

I used a wee bit of hairspray to keep in all in place, and the curls stayed in for AGES. Hooray for wavy (non-frizzy) hair!

Monday 5 May 2014

April instagram

Well, April was quite full on! I think I'm now in need of a lie down (or at least a couple of quiet nights in...).

Instagram username: @eversojuliet
1. My very favourite type of pub is a wee old man pub, and there are millions near my new flat, which is great! This is a cosy corner in the Carrier's Quarters (the Pigeon) at the Shore, in Leith.

2. The Science Festival started, and Summerhall became my home for a couple of weeks. It's such an amazing venue - and I am so pleased that I finally know how to find my way around the venue, it's such a warren! The festival brought two weeks of busy days & late nights, fuelled by lots of science, plenty of wine, and wonderful people. I only hit myself in the face with a pop-up once, so I am considering the whole thing to be a great success.

3. Summerhall is also the home of Barney's Beer, and, newly opened, Pickering's Gin (which are both on sale at their lovely bar). I'm a big fan of gin (who isn't?) and it's especially nice to find some that is distilled only metres away from where you can order a glass.

4. As part of the Science Festival we held a space-themed party with Google City Experts, which was so much fun! You can watch a video here if you want to see more of what we did (and see my embarrassing interview).

5. My palio Simon was over from Australia to perform millions of maths shows at this year's festival, so it was super fun to hang out with him! Here we are, wearing each other's glasses, on a super sunny day.

6. The last Friday of the festival was beautifully sunny, and I managed to make my whole day revolve around meetings in a super sunny courtyard, sticking magnets on laser-cut badges, beer in hand! Hooray!

7.  Post-festival clear up started, meaning all sorts of fun things appeared in the office. I'm a bit obsessed with these Marge Simpson wigs... I want to keep one!

8. I had sad news this month (more on that here, if you want to read), so I tried to cheer myself up with beautiful flowers on a sunny day.

9. I got my hair chopped & coloured again, and am really loving having fox hair! This time the ends were much easier to lighten up, so the ombre effect is a little more dramatic & I think it's ace.

10. I had a super lazy Saturday that revolved entirely around brunch in the Lioness of Leith (a lovely new pub that's opened up just off Leith Links), a Lush Spa massage & an evening of movies. Perfect.

11. I also bought the world's most sparkly shoes! I can just fit into kids shoes if I'm lucky, so it was a good day when I found these in the H&M kids department. They are amazing, I want to wear them everyday AND they were only £9. Brilliant.

12. April ended with a roadtrip with this lovely fellow. We borrowed a campervan and went on a tour of some of Scotland's islands, and it was amazing! We had such good weather (I wore shorts! Shorts!) and ate amazing food, saw incredible scenery, camped in the most beautiful places & just had a super lovely, relaxing time. The best!