Monday 23 June 2014

Dean Jones Hairdressing, Edinburgh

Recently I was invited along to Dean Jones Hairdressing, a new Edinburgh hairdresser, to get my hair chopped and try out their salon. Dean Jones is based on Elm Row, which is a lovely leafy street (just off Leith Walk, but tucked back from the busy main road). The salon is a super peaceful spot in a beautiful building, with huge windows, and light bulbs that I seriously want to steal.

Dean Jones Hairdressing: 3A Elm Row, Edinburgh
It was a super sunny day when I headed out for my appointment, so I was dressed for summer and COMPLETELY unprepared for the downpour of rain that soaked me when I was only half way there! I sheepishly limped in, soggy and dripping all over the place (and looking, once again, like the world's scruffiest person), but the staff were all lovely and helped towel-dry me off. Bless them!

I had a chat with Dean who was really inspiring. He's wanted to own a salon on Elm Row for years, and it seems like he actually can't believe his luck. We chatted for a while about my hair and what I wanted to do, and it was really good. I recently changed my hair, so I wasn't looking to do anything too drastic, but he (gently) steered me away from my impromptu decision to get an undercut (which in retrospect, definitely needs more than 10 seconds of thought), and suggested some layers to shape the hair around my face instead.

It only took about an hour to go from a drowned rat to a silky haired happy person. Dean explained all the products he was using on my hair as he did it (not that I can remember the names now, but it is useful to see what a proper haircare routine would be!).

Good things also included a PROPER head massage that felt like it went on for ages (I'm always a bit disappointed when I don't get to doze while getting my head rubbed at the hairdressers!); chat that wasn't your usual "got any plans for the weekend?... got any holidays coming up?" nonsense; products for sale, but no heavy sales chat about buying them; a little discount card for repeat bookings; and just a lovely, friendly atmosphere that really put me at ease.

Prices start at £25 for a blow dry, £40 for a cut and finish, or £45 for colour. The salon is open Tuesday - Saturday, and stays open late on Thursday evenings.

You can book appointments by calling 0131 558 7777 or by emailing You can also keep in touch with them on facebook or twitter!

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Outfit: hello hat!

I haven't really worked out the best place in my flat to take outfit photos (and I'm very aware that I should probably stop thinking of it as my "new" flat as I've been there for almost six months!), but I am pretty into this outfit, and wanted to share.

Dress - Primark
Blazer - Urban Outfitters
Boots - ASOS
Hat - Camden Market 

I'm a big fan of cosy hats in Autumn & Winter, but always tend to be a bit of a wimp about wearing them in summer. I imagine glamorous models strolling around Paris in wide-brimmed hats and pretty dresses (or see the likes of What Olivia Did or WishWishWish doing exactly that) and get a bit intimidated. I don't look like they do (and I definitely can't pose like they can!). I'm just a wee former-scruff who has aspirations of dressing well, but frequently lacks the time/effort/funds to do so.

When I was last in London I was blethering about this to my best girl Steph, who promptly curled my hair, put a hat on my hand, and announced we were going out hat shopping. (This is said hat, which she also gifted to me. She's a good one, she is). So we went and tried loads on! And under the super Cockney eye of a London stallholder, I found this beaut.

So now I'm a hat owner! And, okay, I am perfectly aware that hats are just a NORMAL and fairly boring accessory that loads of people own and wear. But it feels like I've made another wee step into being braver in what I wear. Picking things because I really want to, without comparing myself to others, or feeling a bit shy about it. And that's why you're all being subjected to this grainy instagram snap. Buy a hat.Take your own posey photo. But mainly, have fun with what you wear and why you do it!

Tuesday 17 June 2014

Luna on the Moon

 I am a bit of a magpie, so it is no surprise really, that when I came across a range of glittery kitsch accessories, I was OBSESSED. Just take a look at this beauty...

 How have we all lived our lives without a pink glittery eye clutch? This amazing thing is by Luna on the Moon, London-based designers who make kooky, playful accessories covered in glitter. Everything is made by hand (and they'll also make custom orders!) and it's just an explosion of adorable, ridiculous, over-the-top FUN.

Prices go from around £15 for a hair accessory or brooch, up to £60 for a clutch bag, which is pretty reasonable, when you think how much work must go into each item. You can also keep an eye on their instagram for sales and special offers.

Top row

Bottom row

 I'm basically obsessed with their entire collection. That eye clutch will be mine!

Friday 13 June 2014

What to see at the Edinburgh International Film Festival

Next week the Edinburgh International Film Festival rolls into town for their 68th year (bloody hell), showing 122 new features from 47 countries, and 34 features over their retrospective and country focus strands. They've got 10 premieres each day, awards, fancy parties, hero hangouts, outdoor screenings, workshops AND special events, so there's quite a fair bit to pack into your day.

To make it easier for you, I've picked out some films that have caught my eye. I don't think you can beat the opportunity to watch a film with the cast and crew, and support independent filmmakers, so if you're anywhere near Edinburgh, get out there and visit the Film Fest!


Koo! Kin-dza-dza: Superb traditional animation merges The Wizard of Oz with Terry Gilliam's Brazil. Two unlikely bedfellows, a classical cellist and an aspiring DJ, find themselves transported from Moscow to the alien world of Pluke, where they navigate a dystopian alien culture in a quest to return home.

McLaren Award for Best British Animation: 2014 not only marks the centenary of legendary UK born animator Norman McLaren, but the year in which the Edinburgh International Film Festival recognises the 25th recipient of the McLaren Award for Best British Animation; the oldest established award of its kind. 11 short films compete in this screening.

Wolfy, the Incredible Secret (Loulou, l'incroyable secret): Young wolf Loulou and his rabbit best friend Tom set off on an adventure to find out what happened to Loulou’s mother. But in Wolfenberg, the old wolf prince is hosting the Carnivore Games and doesn't want a kind-hearted young wolf or (heaven forbid) a rabbit upsetting proceedings. Can Loulou find his mother, remain true to his friend and work out the big secret about his identity?


A Dangerous Game: This follow-up to the award-winning You've Been Trumped takes up where the previous film left off with the saga of American billionaire property developer Donald Trump's incursion into Scotland. Filmmaker Anthony Baxter journeys to Croatia and the United States to probe the disastrous environmental effects of the development of luxury golf courses. Then he returns to Scotland to confront Trump (oooh).

#ChicagoGirl – The Social Network Takes On a Dictator: The story of a 19-year-old student who leads the marches in Syria from her bedroom, #chicagoGirl documents a new kind of revolution not just taking place in the streets. Through testimonial footage and homemade YouTube videos, we learn what it's really like for rebels on the ground and the people trying to help them. A raw and often inspiring look at how the Facebook generation is making a political impact on a global scale.

Doc of the Dead:  A sprightly zombie walk through the world of the undead. Alexandre O Philippe, director of The People vs. George Lucas and The Life and Times of Paul the Psychic Octopus, explores the history of the zombie in popular culture with clips galore and an impressive line-up of interviewees (including Simon Pegg, Bruce Campbell and, of course, George A Romero), and asks for tips from the experts on how to survive a zombie outbreak.

Sci-fi & thriller

Coherence: A dinner party is disrupted by a power failure. Initially attributing it to unusual occurrences caused by a comet passing close to Earth, the guests eventually realise that something is terribly wrong. As the real problem becomes apparent, the psychological horror of their situation reaches terrifying heights.

The Anomaly: A traumatised ex-soldier wakes up in the back of a moving van with a young boy held captive beside him. So begins a stylish game of cat-and-mouse played out against a futuristic backdrop where mind control is employed alongside cutting edge bio-technology in the fight between good and evil.

Snowpiercer: In the near future, attempts to find a technological fix for global warming have backfired disastrously. Life is extinct, except for the people and the ecosystem aboard a train that endlessly circles the ice-shrouded globe. Onboard, the lower class are relegated to the crowded back cars whilst the ruling class enjoy lives of luxury in the front - until two brave workers lead a revolution and discover the terrible secrets of Snowpiercer...

Something Indie

Achtung! Maybe! Neu! Reekie! is a fusion of spoken word, music, animation and film that has taken Scotland by storm. Curators Michael Pedersen and Kevin Williamson present a special German-themed Neu! Reekie! of Weimar Republic animation and movies, accompanied by live music (expect Krautrock inspired anthems and swirling synths), plus live performance.

I Believe in Unicorns: Davina is an imaginative teenage girl who escapes from the realities of caring for her disabled mother into a fairy-tale-inspired fantasy life. She looks for another kind of escape in a new relationship with the charming denizen of a grungy rock-club underworld. Aware he has a volatile side from which even unicorns may fail to save her, Davina still chooses to take off with him on a journey of no certain destination.

Life After Beth: Broken-hearted after the death of his girlfriend Beth, Zach is initially delighted to be given another chance when she returns from the dead. However, as we all know, relationships with zombies are never straightforward, and very soon Zach and the rest of the townsfolk are fighting for their lives.

Aaron Paul

And er, I'm sorry to be one of those people, but I just finished Breaking Bad (yes, yes, I know I am pretty late to the party), and I'm a bit obsessed with Aaron Paul. So let's just gaze upon his lovely face, and hope he makes an appearance at Hellion's international premiere.

Hellion: A family is brought to the brink of separation when single father Hollis loses control of his increasingly delinquent son Jacob. Struggling to cope with the untimely loss of his wife and unwilling to face the fact that his family could fall apart forever, Hollis is forced to face reality when Jacob's unruly behaviour attracts the attention of social services. 

EIFF runs from 18th - 29th June, and you can book tickets at or at the Filmhouse, Cineworld, or Festival Theatre. Enjoy!

Monday 9 June 2014

How to: bake a squirrel, venison and bacon pie

As I've grown up, weekends are revolving more and more around cooking lovely food (that's a normal thing, right?). My ideal Sunday now involves an early trip to Stockbridge Market (with a stop off at the Wee Pie Company stall for breakfast), and then a mooch around the stalls to plan what's for dinner that night.

A few months ago I bought rabbit meat from one of the stalls which was made into the most amazing bunny pie (it's probably one of the best things I've ever cooked!), and I've been thinking of what my next unusual pie adventure could be. And then one day, the stall had squirrel and roe deer. It was an obvious choice.

Squirrel has quite an unusual taste, but balances out the gamey venison beautifully. This is quite a rich pie, and probably suits being more of an autumnal dish (I live in Scotland though, so winter food is a year-round treat!). I served it with roast potatoes and green beans sautéed in garlic butter. YUM.

To make this pie (which I promise is good), you will need:
  • one squirrel
  • several thick rashers of bacon
  • roe deer meet
  • mushrooms
  • leeks
  • garlic
  • onion
  • pine nuts
  • chicken stock
  • corn flour
  • red wine
  • herbs (rosemary, thyme, a bay leaf)
  • puff pastry for the lid (I cheated and bought ready made stuff)
  • shortcrust pastry for the base (there's a good recipe here)
  • one egg
Turn your oven on to about 170 degrees.

Start by frying the venison and squirrel in some oil in a large pan, until the meat has browned. Take this off the heat, add a wee bit of butter, and fry the onion and garlic for a minute or so. Add in the bacon and chop up your vegetables as this cooks.

Add the mushrooms, leeks, pine nuts, and meat to the pan. Add in one large mug of chicken stock and one large mug of red wine. Add salt, pepper and your herbs, stick on a lid, turn the heat down slightly, and let it simmer for ages - leave it for 30 - 45 minutes (just check in on it, give it the occasional stir and go by taste). When it's all cooked and smelling amazing, you can thicken up the sauce by adding a little bit of corn flour (do a tablespoon at a time) until it looks thick enough for pie gravy.

Prepare your pie dish by lining the bottom with shortcrust pastry. Spoon in your pie mix, and layer puff pastry across the top. Decorate with adorable pastry decorations (obviously optional, but when else are you going to get the chance to eat a pastry acorn with antlers?). Brush the pastry with egg, and pop it in the oven for 20 - 25 minutes.

When the pastry is golden brown, it's ready to go! Enjoy (and look forward to the weird looks you get when you tell people you had squirrel for dinner).

Friday 6 June 2014

How to: do a subtle smoky eye

Since I stopped wearing eyeliner every day, I've had a chance to play around with makeup and try out different styles. I still put on liquid eyeliner every now and then, but I think my eyes look much brighter without it, which is nice for a summery daytime look.

One of my new favourite looks is a gold & brown smoky eye, which can be kept quite subtle or be made quite dramatic, depending on what you are up to! Here's a step by step guide to how I do it...

I recently got a new makeup palette, which has the perfect colours for this look, and I'm really, really impressed with it. It's by Sleek Makeup, and is their i Divine palette in Storm (ignore the daft name) and is only £7.99 (and I've just discovered Superdrug have a 3 for 2 offer on the go... I might have to give in and buy a couple more!).

To start, take the lightest colour and lightly brush this across the lid, above the crease, and around the tear duct.

Then use a darker gold shadow to colour in the eyelid. Also brush this colour into your lower lash line (look up when you are doing this, and you won't poke yourself in the eye!).

Use a brown (this one is slightly shimmery, but still has loads of colour) to blend it from the outer corner of your eye to about half way across the lid. Make sure and blend where the gold and brown meet in your eye, and in the crease. Also use this colour across the outer half of your lower lash line.

Finally, take a dark brown (this one is matte) and layer it onto the outer corner of your eye lid. Blend where the dark brown meets other colours! Then add mascara (and eyeliner if you want it... I didn't use any though).

And that's it! It's super quick and simple, but I think it's a really nice look. Hopefully this has been useful to at least one person, and I'm not just stating the obvious!

Wednesday 4 June 2014

Sticky9 instagram magnets

I think it's pretty fair to say that I'm a fan of instagram. It's such a nice way to see what my pals are up to (without all the nonsense of facebook), and document nice moments in my day to day life (plus, things just look nicer through carefully selected filters!).

So, I was quite intrigued when Sticky9 (formerly StickyGram) got in touch, and asked if I wanted to try out some of their products. Sticky9 started out making instagram magnets, and have since expanded into phone cases and tablet covers too.

Sticky9 instagram magnets* - from £9.99
I picked a set of nine magnets, and it was really easy to log into instagram via their site, and start selecting what I wanted to print. And then it got surprisingly hard! What magnets did I want to print? I've got food photos, party photos, flat photos, shameless selfies, pal photos... but what ones would I actually want on a magnet?

I feel like I made this process SO MUCH HARDER than it really needed to be by over-thinking everything, but in the end I settled for the above nine. A beardy boyfriend (mostly a tribute to his beard, which got shaved immediately after our holiday, sob!), lovely places from holidays here and abroad, a little memento to Max, bits and pieces from my flat, favourite spots in Edinburgh, and my pussycat.

They arrived super quickly, and I then realised that the only magnetic spot in my house was my bedroom radiator... but luckily, I think they work quite well in that space!

I've not actually sorted out my books since I first moved into my flat, and am now so used to my messy stacks of books that I think it's super unlikely I'll ever get round to arranging them neatly.

Overall, I'm really pleased with the magnets! They're of super good quality, and I think they'd make a really nice gift (maybe check the recipient has a fridge first!). You can also get a jigsaw version of one photo, that I think would be really fun for kids.

If you're interested in trying some yourself, then you can get 15% off with the code FRIEND0PBL (just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it).

Monday 2 June 2014

Outfit: vintage candy stripes

A few weeks ago, I went along to Judy's Vintage Fair, with the aim of buying a headscarf (or two) and just a wee browse around. Joshua & I were picking out the most hideous/amazingly vintage pieces we could find (because it's funny to laugh/be amazed by sequinned shoulder-padded onepieces, of course) and I picked up a dress that looked like it had belonged to a 50s diner waitress.

But then, weirdly, I realised I liked it.

& I tried on it. And I still liked it (I actually liked it even more).

So I then had a torturous 20 minutes, where I couldn't decide if I liked it enough to spend £25 on it or if I would ever actually wear it in public. We realised that neither of us had enough cash, I tried to bargain (which was hugely unsuccessful, and embarrassing), left the venue deciding that I was too skint to buy a ridiculous dress, then immediately changed my mind, powered to a cash machine, charged back to the Fair, had a panic when it wasn't on the stand, but thankfully discovered it had just been hidden away. PHEW.

Photo from City Experts Arty Party
 This is said dress. It feels pretty different to what I'd normally wear, so (as predicted) I had a bit of a nervous strop the first time I planned to wear it out... but I figured if I couldn't wear this dress to a hipster party in an art gallery, then I was never going to wear it. So I was brave, and embraced the candy stripes!

Photo from City Experts Arty Party
To try and look a wee bit less like I was in uniform, I put a black vest top underneath so I could unbutton it a bit, and added a brown belt and my favourite ampersand brooch (bought from Etsy). Google also kindly provided matching candy striped straws, which helped an impromptu photo shoot!

I got really nice comments that night (thanks pals & generous strangers!), managed not to spill any of the fancy cocktails on it, and generally was pleased with my vintage get up. So, lesson learned. Sometimes it's good to try something a wee bit different (especially if it's only £25!).

Sunday 1 June 2014

May instagram

This was what May looked like to me. It went by in a flash, and contained more rain than necessary, but it was fun!

Instagram username: @eversojuliet
1. At the start of the month I went down to London for a wee bit of work, and hang outs with this brilliant girl. It was SO lovely to have a weekend just lazing around, eating, shopping, and having the best time - I don't get to see Steph nearly as much as I'd like to!

2. I also met up with some lovely people from Google, which gave me an excuse to peek around their offices (I'm such a loser). They have a double decker bus! & an indoor park! & a bike-powered smoothie machine! I've got total office envy.

3. I've wanted to see Book of Mormon for aaaaages, and was lucky enough to randomly bump into somebody who had a spare ticket (and sold it to me for super cheap, thanks cool old lady!). It was hilarious, and I've had the soundtrack pretty much on repeat all month. So good!

4. There's loads of fun things happening in Edinburgh this year, and Spa in the City was one of them. I got to make my own bath bomb in the Lush Spa pop up, got a lovely hand and arm massage, followed by a pretty terrible manicure, which kind of put a downer on the day (but at least it was all free!).

5. Another day, another photobooth. Google City Experts took over the beautiful Portrait Gallery for a night of arty fun. We ate edible paint, drank cocktails coloured by paintbrushes, illustrated photos for a super cool map of Edinburgh, and totally hogged the photobooth.

6. I filmed my first tutorial video in ages, using my new waving wand. I think I'm going to start making videos more regularly, they are surprisingly fun to do!

7. I've been in my flat for a few months now, but it somehow still feels quite new and exciting. I love my windows, and looking out over a little cobbled courtyard. This was the view from my bedroom window a few nights ago... so peaceful and quiet and lovely.

8. The Edinburgh International Film Festival's programme launched this month (yay), and it looks like a good year (I'll do a proper post about it once I've had a chance to fully digest what's on!). My friend Niki was at the press launch with me, and became a (sort of unwilling) participant in my new game - edfilmfestface!

9. Sci Fest moved offices this week, so I used my new desk as an excuse to buy new succulents! I am OBSESSED.

10. I got to hang out with Rileycat, who I haven't seen in an age. I think I've forgotten just how INCREDIBLY FLUFFY he is... he's in full moult at the moment, and I left absolutely covered in white cat hairs.

11. I'm a bit out of order with this, but here's another (loser) photo from my new desk... I've copied my pal Emma, and made a beer shrine with the super cool EISF x Barney's Beer bottles that were brewed for the 2013 & 2014 festivals.

12. To wrap up the month, I had an ace day hanging out with my niece. We went to see Howl's Moving Castle at the Cameo, running as part of their Hayao Miyazaki season, and wandered around in the sunshine eating massive ice creams from Mary's Milk Bar. Such a good day!