Sunday 1 June 2014

May instagram

This was what May looked like to me. It went by in a flash, and contained more rain than necessary, but it was fun!

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1. At the start of the month I went down to London for a wee bit of work, and hang outs with this brilliant girl. It was SO lovely to have a weekend just lazing around, eating, shopping, and having the best time - I don't get to see Steph nearly as much as I'd like to!

2. I also met up with some lovely people from Google, which gave me an excuse to peek around their offices (I'm such a loser). They have a double decker bus! & an indoor park! & a bike-powered smoothie machine! I've got total office envy.

3. I've wanted to see Book of Mormon for aaaaages, and was lucky enough to randomly bump into somebody who had a spare ticket (and sold it to me for super cheap, thanks cool old lady!). It was hilarious, and I've had the soundtrack pretty much on repeat all month. So good!

4. There's loads of fun things happening in Edinburgh this year, and Spa in the City was one of them. I got to make my own bath bomb in the Lush Spa pop up, got a lovely hand and arm massage, followed by a pretty terrible manicure, which kind of put a downer on the day (but at least it was all free!).

5. Another day, another photobooth. Google City Experts took over the beautiful Portrait Gallery for a night of arty fun. We ate edible paint, drank cocktails coloured by paintbrushes, illustrated photos for a super cool map of Edinburgh, and totally hogged the photobooth.

6. I filmed my first tutorial video in ages, using my new waving wand. I think I'm going to start making videos more regularly, they are surprisingly fun to do!

7. I've been in my flat for a few months now, but it somehow still feels quite new and exciting. I love my windows, and looking out over a little cobbled courtyard. This was the view from my bedroom window a few nights ago... so peaceful and quiet and lovely.

8. The Edinburgh International Film Festival's programme launched this month (yay), and it looks like a good year (I'll do a proper post about it once I've had a chance to fully digest what's on!). My friend Niki was at the press launch with me, and became a (sort of unwilling) participant in my new game - edfilmfestface!

9. Sci Fest moved offices this week, so I used my new desk as an excuse to buy new succulents! I am OBSESSED.

10. I got to hang out with Rileycat, who I haven't seen in an age. I think I've forgotten just how INCREDIBLY FLUFFY he is... he's in full moult at the moment, and I left absolutely covered in white cat hairs.

11. I'm a bit out of order with this, but here's another (loser) photo from my new desk... I've copied my pal Emma, and made a beer shrine with the super cool EISF x Barney's Beer bottles that were brewed for the 2013 & 2014 festivals.

12. To wrap up the month, I had an ace day hanging out with my niece. We went to see Howl's Moving Castle at the Cameo, running as part of their Hayao Miyazaki season, and wandered around in the sunshine eating massive ice creams from Mary's Milk Bar. Such a good day!

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