Tuesday 17 June 2014

Luna on the Moon

 I am a bit of a magpie, so it is no surprise really, that when I came across a range of glittery kitsch accessories, I was OBSESSED. Just take a look at this beauty...

 How have we all lived our lives without a pink glittery eye clutch? This amazing thing is by Luna on the Moon, London-based designers who make kooky, playful accessories covered in glitter. Everything is made by hand (and they'll also make custom orders!) and it's just an explosion of adorable, ridiculous, over-the-top FUN.

Prices go from around £15 for a hair accessory or brooch, up to £60 for a clutch bag, which is pretty reasonable, when you think how much work must go into each item. You can also keep an eye on their instagram for sales and special offers.

Top row

Bottom row

 I'm basically obsessed with their entire collection. That eye clutch will be mine!


  1. Oh wow. That pineapple clutch is just amazing x


  2. I love Luna on the Moon. Everything is so sparkly and super well made. I definitely want an eye clutch too! Hx

  3. Wow, the eye clutch is beautiful. I love the teardrop detail.

  4. The egg clutch is so much fun. I need to save up and buy one now.

  5. Oh, how have I never seen this site before?!


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