Juliet Paints

I've been painting since I was a horse-obsessed kid, but thanks to 2020's endless lockdowns I found time to practice my skills, and now I can't stop. I work with watercolour, gouache and digital drawing, I'm excited to capture character, personality and light in each piece. I'm drawn to bright and bold colours and characters, which gives me a great excuse to paint my pop culture heroes and favourite sci fi stars. 

You can follow my art instagram here: @julietpaint

My Etsy shop is here: JulietPaint Keep an eye out for geeky seasonal cards (if you like Star Trek and bad puns, I'm your gal). 

Cards, stickers and mugs are available on my Redbubble shop: JulietPaints

Want something bespoke? Send me an email at thisisjuliet@gmail.com and we can chat commissions.