Tuesday 24 February 2015


A few weeks ago, I went along to Museum Lates: Game Masters  - the latest in the National Museum of Scotland's super popular series of late-night events. Museum Lates are so much fun! You get to explore the museum without millions of kids getting in the way, take part in interactive and crafty sessions, drink wine and dance in the beautiful Grand Gallery.

The Museum is currently home to Game Masters, a massive interactive exhibition celebrating videogames, so this month's Lates was themed around gaming... which meant it was also the perfect chance to dress up (I can never resist an opportunity for fancy dress!).

Misty dress-up:
T-shirt - H&M
 Shorts - New Look
Braces - Amazon
Red sneakers (not shown) - Amazon

I wanted something easy to put together (as we were heading straight from work), so I dressed up as Misty from Pokemon - a game I absolutely loved when I was younger! I painted my nails in the pattern of her pokemon Togepi (because I am a cool grown-up), which meant I didn't have to carry around any props (all the better for carrying beer instead), and I discovered that braces are surprisingly comfortable.

Joshua was king of dress-up though, and went as a Pikmin, which is a character from a super cute (and seriously addictive) game we've been playing. All night people kept coming up to us to gasp at his outfit and take his picture (and occasionally, presumably out of sympathy, take my photo too).

It was just SO much fun! The Grand Gallery was lit up with Pac-Man shapes, you could make videogame-inspired jewellery, craft pixelated Valentine's cards, take part in Just Dance on a massive screen (only mildly embarrassing), listen to game-themed poetry, play on arcade games, or tipsily explore the museum (my favourite bit is their massive t-rex!).

Game Masters is on until April 20th (so you can come see it as part of the Science Festival!) and is definitely worth a visit (even if you don't think you're much of a gaming fan). Museum Lates run across the year, and if you keep an eye on their events page, details of the next one will hopefully be up soon.

Thursday 19 February 2015


I cannot believe it is this time of year again, it's come round so quickly! 2015 marks the 27th Edinburgh International Science Festival (and my 3rd year at the Festival!) and our amazing new programme launched today.

This year we're celebrating the role of the Science Festival as a hub for information, ideas and innovations - so we're transforming the halls, galleries, theatres and gardens of Edinburgh into The Ideas Factory.

As always, there will be loads on for families (including amazing workshops at City Art Centre and performances and workshops at Summerhall), and our adult programme is packed full of discussions, debates, workshops, screenings, and fun nights out - all with a scientific twist!

The production line runs from 4-19 April, so you've got plenty of time to browse the programme and get your tickets!

There's about a million events on at the Festival this year, so here's my top ten picks of what to see:

Science Festival Lates - the festival's opening party, with eyeballs, brains, robots and slime all mixed in with music, bars and fun!

Bad Science Books? Jurassic Park - a look at the relationship between science fact and science fiction, hosted by my super cool pal Sasha from the Scottish Book Trust!

LateLab - possibly my favourite events at the festival - LateLab is a series of presentations, performances, interactives and installations for the sociable and sci-curious! This year we've got films, an event with author Matt Haig, experiemental music and sonic art, cocktails and an exploration of beauty at the stunning Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

Mad Hatter's Tea Party - an enlightening tea party hosted by the master of molecular gastronomy, Hervé This.

The Science of Game of Thrones - an evening of ice and fire (and the excuse to dress up!) looking at the facts behind the fiction. SO excited about this!

The Big Bang Bash - an out-of-this-world party celebrating the wonders of space in the beautiful National Museum of Scotland.

The Savant Garde: Mathematical Feats by the Nerdy Elite - maths superhero Simon Pampena takes you on a comedy adventure featuring the hardest maths problems of all time.

Tunnel Vision - street trials rider Danny MacAskill (who you'll know from every cool stunt-cycling video) talks to a neuroscientist about the nature of focus, and how it drives us to achieve extraordinary things.

Give in to Fermentation - the Science Festival teams up with Brewdog for a night celebrating fermentation with food and beer!

Brainwaves Ceilidh - science, dancing, and puns collide! Explore cutting-edge brain research at the festival's ceilidh.

Wednesday 18 February 2015


I am a big fan of hairstyles that I can rely on when I don't have much time to get ready - which, most commonly for me, is in the morning when I should have definitely washed my hair, but didn't (I am often the victim of my snooze button!).

So, I've put together a few hair tutorials showing you what I do when I'm trying to hide mucky hair! Here's the first one, and my very favourite thing to do on a bad hair day - just stick a scarf round it!

For this I used a vintage silk scarf that I found in a charity shop. You want a scarf that is long enough to wrap around your head (with enough left to easily tie a knot). My hair is dirty at the roots and just feels a bit mucky and uncomfortable down, so with this look I just want to get it out of my way.

Start by putting your hair up in a ponytail, then twisting it into a messy bun, securing it with kirby grips.

Take your scarf and fold it into a long strip, about 3 inches wide. Then wrap it round your head, and tie it into a knot on top of your head - don't worry about doing the bow yet!

Then make sure you're happy with the position of the scarf round your head, and use a few kirby grips to secure it at the sides and back. Now it'll be totally secure, and you can tie the scarf ends into a bow. If the scarf is longer than the one I'm using, just tuck the ends under the sides of the scarf, and adjust your kirby grips to secure this too.

And that's it! It's so easy to do, and instantly hides messy hair.

Tuesday 17 February 2015


It's pancake day! The most wonderful day of the year!

I know I could actually eat pancakes whenever I want, because I am a grown up and they are so simple to make, but it's special on pancake day - the world gives you an excuse to have sugar and whipped cream for dinner, and to feel good about it.

My favourite pancakes are super thin crepes (this recipe) drizzled in lemon and sugar, but I'm also partial to an over-the-top ridiculous american-style pancake. This year I think I'm actually going to use the excuse of lent (despite not being religious at all) to give up refined sugar and fried foods until Easter... I want to shake off my sluggish winter feelings!

So, as this is my last chance to be super indulgent for a while, I'm really looking forward to tonight's tea. Here's a few pancake recipes from Pinterest that look seriously good!

Top row

Bottom row

Friday 13 February 2015


I've been lucky enough to have well-behaved skin for most of my life, which means I tend to be very lazy with an almost non-existent skincare routine. But the winter months (of horrible weather and festive feasts) means my skin needed a little more TLC.

Here's a few products that I've been using lately that I love! I've noticed a real difference - my spots are gone, my skin feels hydrated, and still looks fresh at the end of a long day.

Aveeno Cream
I've used Aveeno as my daily moisturiser for years, and I absolutely love it - it's super hydrating, but doesn't feel too heavy on my skin. Aveeno also contains colloidal oatmeal (oat flour that soothes the skin), which means it's really great if you have skin prone to eczema, or any other skin conditions.

Quick Fix Facials Charcoal Mask
I was originally drawn to the Quick Fix Facial masks because of their lovely packaging, and I'm very pleased that they've lived up to my expectations! This mask contains active charcoal to clear deep pores, dragon fruit containing Vitamin C to moisturise your skin, and cinnamon extract with antiseptic and astringent properties to clarify skin. It doesn't feel too dry (some charcoal masks feel awful on), and my skin has been feeling so much softer since I've been using it.

Clean & Clear Facial Scrub
I have a terrible habit of only using makeup wipes to clean my face, so I forced myself into getting a facial scrub to try and get a bit cleaner! (I know, I know, skincare basics). This scrub has lemongrass and fruit extracts, and is a nice and gentle exfoliant that can be used everyday.

Quick Fix Facials Brightening Peel Mask
I find peel masks SO satisfying (is that weird?) as it feels just like you are removing a layer of dull skin and leaving really soft skin behind. This mask contains papaya extract to help create healthy and glowing skin, mulberry extract to help even out skin tone, and goji berry extract to stimulate and energize skin to boost radiance. I've been alternating between this and the charcoal mask, and my skin just feels so much happier!

Wednesday 11 February 2015


Another month, another subscription box to blog about. This time it's The Glitterati by glitter-loving wonders Crown & Glory (makers of the lovely glitter bows I featured back in December).

Crown and Glory Glitterati

The Glitterati is a monthly subscription of mystery hair accessories, with a mix of floral, glitter and vintage-inspired items. Each box costs £20, and comes with over £50 worth of goodies in every box.

Like most monthly subscriptions, some months are themed (like the super cute Halloween and Christmas boxes), and you get a extra special gift in your birthday month, super-special gifts for long-time subscribers, plus exclusive access to a closed Facebook group giving you early-access to sales and offers, dedicated tutorials, and a swapshop (so if one item isn't quite to your taste, you can swap it with someone else).

crown and glory glitterati

I've decided that this year I'm going to have fun with hair accessories, and it'll take me no time at all to build up an amazing collection with The Glitterati! It's also great that each box comes with such a mix of items - it's encouraging me to try things a little out of my comfort zone, and making my wardrobe just a little bit sparklier.

Glitterati boxes are posted on the 1st of each month, and you can sign up here if you're interested. They've also just launched a brand new referral scheme, so if you add my name (Juliet Tweedie) in the box when signing up, we both receive a £10 Crown & Glory voucher, so you can get even more hair treats!

Monday 9 February 2015


I'm developing a dangerous habit of idly window-shopping on Etsy - but there's just so much lovely stuff on there!

I really love finding quirky pieces and supporting independent designers, so keeping my favourites tab up to date means I'm never stuck if I suddenly realise there's a gift that needs giving!

Here's a few of the things that I'm currently wishing were mine...

Top row

Middle row

Bottom row

Friday 6 February 2015


For Christmas my family very kindly gave me a Lush voucher (thanks guys!), as I'd been keen to go back for another Lush Spa treatment (more on this later) and I had a little bit left over to spend in the shop afterwards.

Gift vouchers always feel like free money, so I thought I'd try out something different, and headed over to look at their makeup range. The lipsticks immediately caught my eye - they're made with a hydrating base of jojoba oil, candelilla wax and rose wax and, like all Lush products, are cruelty-free.

I couldn't decide what to go for, so ending up buying two (and spending more than my gift voucher balance, which is always what happens!). I picked Perspective, a light rosy-brown colour, and Bubbly, a bright coral-pink with a hint of a shimmer.

The lipsticks are £14.50 each, which, had I not had a voucher, would have absolutely put me off buying them - I generally don't pay more than £10 for a single product (I've been spoiled by years of only buying Boots 17). But they are REALLY lovely - they have a creamy consistency (which means they also work as cream eyeshadow, blusher or a highlighter), and I absolutely adore the colours.

Left: Perspective | Right: Bubbly
Perspective is a beautiful everyday lipcolour. It's a subtle, natural colour, but just makes me feel like I'm a wee bit prettier! I tend to wear gold or shimmery pink eyeshadows during the day, and this colour compliments them really well.

And Bubbly is a really great bright pink. I went through a stage of only owning red lipstick, so it's nice to change up my going out face - this colour feels really spring-like too! It lasts for surprisingly ages too, so you don't have to reapply constantly (which helps justify the slightly-over-my-budget price tag!).

Wednesday 4 February 2015


About six months ago I decided I was desperate for a cape, and I have been (lazily) searching for one ever since. I had pretty specific ideas - it needed to be cute (obviously), have a hood, be an ACTUAL cape (I can't believe how many are called capes but have sleeves?!), and not be too pricey as I already own considerably more winter jackets than I need.

I'd been keeping an eye on local charity shops and ebay, but nothing jumped out, so then I thought I'd take a look at Depop - an app for buying and selling, that loads of bloggers have been chatting about lately (it's basically a hipster ebay). Aaaand, I found one!

Cape - Dorothy Perkins (from Depop)
Dress - H&M
Shoes - ASOS

This cape was originally from Dorothy Perkins, had only been worn once, and was on sale for the super bargainous price of £20 (down from an original price of £69!). I LOVE IT.

It's got a super cosy fleecy hood, has big pockets, and is just so warm and nice to wear. I was a bit nervous that I'd look like I was wearing a tent and it would drown me, but buttoned-up or opened, it sits really nicely.

It's surprisingly tricky to get used to wearing a cape when you haven't had one before (or maybe I'm just a bit rubbish!), but you get used to no sleeves, and it is basically like wearing a massive, socially-acceptable blanket, which is one of the best fashion decisions I have ever made.

Monday 2 February 2015


January is always dark and cold and a bit miserable after the non-stop merriment of December, so I've enjoyed having quite a lazy month, curled up with books and netflix, with the heating constantly on! Here's what it looked like.

Instagram username: @eversojuliet
1. I'd been eyeing up Rifle Paper Co's In Bloom series for a while online, so it was a delight to stumble across one when I was book shopping with my nephew. I've never actually read Little Women, so I'm looking forward to starting it soon!

2. It's been a whole year since I became this beardy Australian's girlfriend, and I am very, very happy about it. He's even managed to convince me to play a TERRIFYING zombie video game with him. It must be love.

3. I've been banishing grey January days by filling my house with fresh flowers. Joshua got me this beautiful bunch and I love them! So bright and happy.

4. Last year I was quite a half-hearted blogger, but now I feel so much more motivated. Since the start of the month I've been posting three times a week, and I'm really enjoying it again! This posey selfie was from the day I made crayon lipstick - I think tutorials are my favourite posts to write.

5. For the last few months, Scotland Re:Designed have had a pop-up shop in Edinburgh, showcasing seriously cool Scottish designers. I went along to a blogger event they had recently (managing to avoid the temptation of being in my pyjamas by 7pm), and seriously lusted over the Obscure Couture corner. Could I pull off a massive fluffy coat? Probably not, but I want to try!

6. A few months ago I started thinking about getting a pet again, which has turned into fairly obsessive animal researching (I like to be prepared!). I really love birds and have heard wonderful things from bird owners (alongside bemusement and mild horror from non-bird owners).... so I'm thinking a cockatiel could be a good idea. If you've ever had a bird, please leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts!

7. It was my friend Amy's 30th birthday (happy birthday Amy!) and as it's the UN International Year of Light (obvs), she had a light-themed party... complete with UV lights that made your teeth light up. We thought this was hugely hilarious.

8. I've already blogged about it, so I won't bang on about it again, but smoothies. I LOVE THEM.

9. And my final day of a very uneventful January was spent in a cosy pub catching up with a lovely friend who is just back from a three-month adventure around the world (I'm not jealous at ALL).

I'm excited to see what February will bring! Hopefully slightly less ice?