Wednesday 4 February 2015


About six months ago I decided I was desperate for a cape, and I have been (lazily) searching for one ever since. I had pretty specific ideas - it needed to be cute (obviously), have a hood, be an ACTUAL cape (I can't believe how many are called capes but have sleeves?!), and not be too pricey as I already own considerably more winter jackets than I need.

I'd been keeping an eye on local charity shops and ebay, but nothing jumped out, so then I thought I'd take a look at Depop - an app for buying and selling, that loads of bloggers have been chatting about lately (it's basically a hipster ebay). Aaaand, I found one!

Cape - Dorothy Perkins (from Depop)
Dress - H&M
Shoes - ASOS

This cape was originally from Dorothy Perkins, had only been worn once, and was on sale for the super bargainous price of £20 (down from an original price of £69!). I LOVE IT.

It's got a super cosy fleecy hood, has big pockets, and is just so warm and nice to wear. I was a bit nervous that I'd look like I was wearing a tent and it would drown me, but buttoned-up or opened, it sits really nicely.

It's surprisingly tricky to get used to wearing a cape when you haven't had one before (or maybe I'm just a bit rubbish!), but you get used to no sleeves, and it is basically like wearing a massive, socially-acceptable blanket, which is one of the best fashion decisions I have ever made.


  1. That is a glorious cape! I have one but it's not as cape-y - no hood for one thing. Thanks for the Depop rec.

  2. Bahaha, I agree about the sleeves - it is a little strange to start with! I had a navy cape a couple of years ago and it made me feel like a little elf! This one looks really stylish on you Juliet :) xxx

  3. Lovely Cape! I really love the scarf in your hair, it's a look that I have never managed to master. Could you do a tutorial on how you put that look together? I really love your blog and look forward to your new inspiring postings!


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