Friday 13 February 2015


I've been lucky enough to have well-behaved skin for most of my life, which means I tend to be very lazy with an almost non-existent skincare routine. But the winter months (of horrible weather and festive feasts) means my skin needed a little more TLC.

Here's a few products that I've been using lately that I love! I've noticed a real difference - my spots are gone, my skin feels hydrated, and still looks fresh at the end of a long day.

Aveeno Cream
I've used Aveeno as my daily moisturiser for years, and I absolutely love it - it's super hydrating, but doesn't feel too heavy on my skin. Aveeno also contains colloidal oatmeal (oat flour that soothes the skin), which means it's really great if you have skin prone to eczema, or any other skin conditions.

Quick Fix Facials Charcoal Mask
I was originally drawn to the Quick Fix Facial masks because of their lovely packaging, and I'm very pleased that they've lived up to my expectations! This mask contains active charcoal to clear deep pores, dragon fruit containing Vitamin C to moisturise your skin, and cinnamon extract with antiseptic and astringent properties to clarify skin. It doesn't feel too dry (some charcoal masks feel awful on), and my skin has been feeling so much softer since I've been using it.

Clean & Clear Facial Scrub
I have a terrible habit of only using makeup wipes to clean my face, so I forced myself into getting a facial scrub to try and get a bit cleaner! (I know, I know, skincare basics). This scrub has lemongrass and fruit extracts, and is a nice and gentle exfoliant that can be used everyday.

Quick Fix Facials Brightening Peel Mask
I find peel masks SO satisfying (is that weird?) as it feels just like you are removing a layer of dull skin and leaving really soft skin behind. This mask contains papaya extract to help create healthy and glowing skin, mulberry extract to help even out skin tone, and goji berry extract to stimulate and energize skin to boost radiance. I've been alternating between this and the charcoal mask, and my skin just feels so much happier!


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