Tuesday 24 February 2015


A few weeks ago, I went along to Museum Lates: Game Masters  - the latest in the National Museum of Scotland's super popular series of late-night events. Museum Lates are so much fun! You get to explore the museum without millions of kids getting in the way, take part in interactive and crafty sessions, drink wine and dance in the beautiful Grand Gallery.

The Museum is currently home to Game Masters, a massive interactive exhibition celebrating videogames, so this month's Lates was themed around gaming... which meant it was also the perfect chance to dress up (I can never resist an opportunity for fancy dress!).

Misty dress-up:
T-shirt - H&M
 Shorts - New Look
Braces - Amazon
Red sneakers (not shown) - Amazon

I wanted something easy to put together (as we were heading straight from work), so I dressed up as Misty from Pokemon - a game I absolutely loved when I was younger! I painted my nails in the pattern of her pokemon Togepi (because I am a cool grown-up), which meant I didn't have to carry around any props (all the better for carrying beer instead), and I discovered that braces are surprisingly comfortable.

Joshua was king of dress-up though, and went as a Pikmin, which is a character from a super cute (and seriously addictive) game we've been playing. All night people kept coming up to us to gasp at his outfit and take his picture (and occasionally, presumably out of sympathy, take my photo too).

It was just SO much fun! The Grand Gallery was lit up with Pac-Man shapes, you could make videogame-inspired jewellery, craft pixelated Valentine's cards, take part in Just Dance on a massive screen (only mildly embarrassing), listen to game-themed poetry, play on arcade games, or tipsily explore the museum (my favourite bit is their massive t-rex!).

Game Masters is on until April 20th (so you can come see it as part of the Science Festival!) and is definitely worth a visit (even if you don't think you're much of a gaming fan). Museum Lates run across the year, and if you keep an eye on their events page, details of the next one will hopefully be up soon.


  1. I love your Misty outfit! It's really awesome! xxx

  2. This is so cute, and sounds like so so sooo much fun x



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