Monday 2 March 2015


How is it March already? It was Christmas mere minutes ago! Next thing you know it'll be summer (which is fine by me, as I am getting fed up of wintery weather!). Anyway, despite passing by in a mere moment, I packed quite a lot into February. Here's what I go up to...

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1. The start of the month was pretty busy, with a few late nights at work, and a flurry of report-writing (not my favourite of tasks!). Luckily my team are lovely (and know how to get on my good side), and brought me loads of doughnuts! I'm giving up sugary treats for all of March, but I so wish I could have a doughnut now!

2. My weak spot in life is Anthropologie's house & home section (seriously, I want it all!), so when I saw this weird little trinket dish I could not resist. I didn't know where to put it at first, but it turns out a few tealights fit perfectly into it, so it makes a lovely candleholder. Treat yo self!

3. The nights are finally getting lighter, and a couple of weeks ago the most beautiful pinky-purple sky appeared in Edinburgh. This photo was taken from my bedroom window and my whole flat was bathed in soft pink light, it was gorgeous.

4. It was my lovely friend Jules' birthday (happy birthday Jules!) and Joshua & I thought it was a themed party, so dressed up as Jules from her gothier days. Turns out it was NOT a themed party, but I actually really loved my grungy makeup (and will probably blog a tutorial soon...).

5. It's tulip season, hooray! I love this time of year, when you can fill your house with tulips and daffodils for only a few pounds. I have to try really hard to resist buying tulips every time I go to the shop, I just love them so much.

6. My friend Eilidh got a baby hedgehog, and she is the CUTEST thing ever! Hedgehogs are surprisingly soft and cuddly (the spines feel like the bristles on a hairbrush), and I was so won over, I am joining the hedgehog-owner club, and should be picking up mine at the end of the month. EEEEEK. Watch this space for spiky updates!

7. The Edinburgh Science Festival programme launched and I am super proud (and a little exhausted already). There's only a month to go until the festival kicks off, and there's so much to do (aaaah), but I work with brilliant people and am super chuffed to be part of such a cool science gang.

8. We also have seriously adorable artwork this year (designed by my very clever boyfriend), which makes for super cute cupcake toppers!

9. A good month is always marked by how many weekends are spent eating yum breakfast and drinking lovely coffee, and this month excelled at it!

10. I also had a really delicious/exhausting Sunday pub roast at the The Lioness of Leith, where we got a whole chicken (whaaaat), and a whole tray of sides. This was so nice, I immediately had to have a lie down afterwards.

11. February also saw my very first trip to the ballet. I was invited along to Northern Ballet's Romeo & Juliet, and I was worried I'd feel a bit out of my depth (because ballet is just so cultured and grown up), but it was absolutely beautiful!

12. Aaand to round off an absolutely FREEZING day, I sought shelter in a Hotel Chocolat cafe for the richest, smoothest hot chocolate I've ever had!

Here's hoping this month is a little bit warmer...

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  1. I know what you mean about time going super quickly, I can't believe it's March already. Also, I had no idea it was possible to own a hedgehog as a pet!


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