Wednesday 11 March 2015


As much as I love my ever expanding wardrobe of winter coats and jackets, I am excited for Spring, and not having to wear one million layers of clothing every time I leave the house.

I wanted to share with you my new favourite slouchy furry, sort of cardigan, sort of jacket, thing, which is from JD Williams (who very kindly gave me my pick of knitted goodness from their massive knitwear section). As I gravitate towards anything that looks warm and soft, I couldn't resist this oversized cardigan, which is cosy enough to wear as a jacket on days that aren't TOTALLY freezing.

Turban - Crown & Glory velvet headband
Cardigan* - JD Williams
Black T-shirt - H&M
Black skirt - H&M
Ankle boots - ASOS
I'm not going to lie - as soon as it arrived, it became my go-to slouch around the house outfit (paired super stylishly with a pair of pyjama shorts), which is great for comfort (it's SO comfy), but not so good for a blog outfit post, where I attempt to look like I know how to dress.

So, I forced myself to take it out of my slouchy pile of clothes, and put together an outfit that was still warm and comfy, but also going-outside appropriate. I'm pretty pleased with it!

I paired it with my Crown & Glory turban headband (from their Glitterati box), a super simple outfit, and a simple gold necklace.

Rope headband - Crown & Glory
I don't think it's the most flattering shape for my figure, but I also don't care. It's like wearing a massive furry blanket - which kind of ticks all of my boxes.

This is the sort of thing I'd wear to the pub, or for a mooch around the markets on Sunday, and if Spring ever actually appears, it'll be an ace thing to have for weird sort-of-spring, still-quite-freezy weird weather days!


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