Friday 6 March 2015


I want to say quickly - if you are my mum, and you're reading this (pretty likely, hello mum!), please stop (I have definitely bought you one of the below, don't spoil yourself!).

Anyway, Mother's Day is on March 15th, which means you have just over a week to get yourself together, make plans with your mum, and buy her something nice!

Here's a few gifts that I think would be lovely (here's hoping my mum agrees...).

Top row:

Bloom & Wild flower subscription 
I've blogged about Bloom & Wild before and I just think it's the BEST idea ever - beautiful handpicked flowers that fit through your letterbox. I've signed up for a three month subsciption and I just adore it... so why not send monthly flowers to your mum, and be the best child ever (plus you can send flowers for using £10 using this referral!).

Stories in the Stars: An Atlas of Constellations
An illustrated exploration of the night sky's constellations - this book looks beautiful beautiful beautiful.

Robin's Nest Measuring Cups
As always, if Anthropologie want to sell some homeware, I want to buy it. How cute are these measuring cups? My mum is the world's best baker, so almost definitely does own measuring cups already, but surely not ones quite this cute!

Bottom row:

Zukr Boutique chocolates
Chocolates are a seriously clich├ęd Mother's Day (like flowers, I know I know), but if you're going to gift them... go for ones that are almost too pretty to eat, like these artisan handmade chocolates.

Grid necklace
My mum's a fan of chunky statement necklaces, so I think this geometric necklace would be right up her alley. This is from one of my favourite boutiques, Hannah Zakari, who sell all sorts of treasures from indie designers across the globe.

Rifle Paper Co notebooks
I'm going to be traumatised if I ever find out my mum doesn't actually like notebooks, as beautiful stationary is one of my go-to presents. This set is by the very beautiful Rifle Paper Company, who have also illustrated the gorgeous In Bloom book collection.


  1. Those measuring cups, SO cute! xo

  2. A really lovely selection....but for me it's all about those Robin measuring cups, so gorgeous!

    1. Glad you like it (and yes, I totally agree!).


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