Wednesday 4 March 2015


One of the very best makeup lessons I have ever been taught is to pay attention to your brows! Looked-after eyebrows frame your face, make any type of makeup look better, and just make you look like a much more polished human!

It took me years to learn this though. I have really fair (almost blonde) brows, and because most of my teenage life was spent with a fringe, I did not touch them at all - until my best pal pinned me down with a pair of tweezers and an eyebrow pencil, and showed me the wonderful world of brows!

I get mine tinted and shaped fairly regularly at a Benefit Brow Bar, but as they are fair, I need product to keep them well defined between appointments. I've tried pencils, waxes, powders and all sorts, but now have a new favourite - Maybelline's Brow Satin Eyebrow Pencil.

Left: No brows. Right: Brows!
Brow Satin is a precise pen and filling powder duo (which basically means a mechanical pencil at one end and a creamy powder shadow at the other), that comes in four shades: dark blonde, medium brown, mahogany red and dark brown. I've been using mahogany red (which feels like such a treat to have an eyebrow product aimed at redheads!).

It boasts that it blends seamlessly for natural and fuller looking brows, and I definitely agree with it (I hope you do too!). It's easy to be heavy-handed if you are just using a pencil (remember, small strokes everyone!), but this has such a soft and creamy consistency the colour doesn't ever feel blocky.

To use the pencil Maybelline recommends that you fill your brows in with the pen, then blend with the powder. I didn't read any instructions before using this (because who reads makeup instructions?), so instead I've been using the powder to fill in the thickest inner part of my brow, then using the pen to define the arch and outer end of my eyebrow,

Either way, it's a super easy product to use, and has found a very welcome home in my everyday makeup bag. Brow Satin costs £5.99 (bargain) and can be bought in Boots and other highstreet shops.

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