Monday 16 March 2015


I live in a super small, cute flat, but it's still taking me forever to work my way through my decorating wishlist. I've finally finished tweaking my living room (since last blogging about it, I have replaced the window seat fabric and it is beautiful!), and now I'm dreaming of desks.

I wish I had a home with a separate study, but I've got to make do with a desk at the end of my bedroom. I use this space for painting normally (and pretend to myself that I'll blog from there... but almost always do it on the sofa!), so I need to find a desk set-up that's cute, has space for crafty things, but doesn't look totally mismatched with the rest of my bedroom!

As always, for life inspiration I've turned to Pinterest, which makes it very easy for you to curate a picture-perfect life without the cost (or DIY skills!). Pulling my desk inspiration board together made me realise that I'm a surprisingly big fan of bright colours, that I need a peg board (who knew?!) and I clearly want to spend hundreds of pounds on a fancy arrow light.

I don't have the budget for any of this (plus I live in a rented flat, so I need to be sensible and respectful of that), but this is my new project! (I love a new project, fingers crossed it works out...).

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