Friday 6 February 2015


For Christmas my family very kindly gave me a Lush voucher (thanks guys!), as I'd been keen to go back for another Lush Spa treatment (more on this later) and I had a little bit left over to spend in the shop afterwards.

Gift vouchers always feel like free money, so I thought I'd try out something different, and headed over to look at their makeup range. The lipsticks immediately caught my eye - they're made with a hydrating base of jojoba oil, candelilla wax and rose wax and, like all Lush products, are cruelty-free.

I couldn't decide what to go for, so ending up buying two (and spending more than my gift voucher balance, which is always what happens!). I picked Perspective, a light rosy-brown colour, and Bubbly, a bright coral-pink with a hint of a shimmer.

The lipsticks are £14.50 each, which, had I not had a voucher, would have absolutely put me off buying them - I generally don't pay more than £10 for a single product (I've been spoiled by years of only buying Boots 17). But they are REALLY lovely - they have a creamy consistency (which means they also work as cream eyeshadow, blusher or a highlighter), and I absolutely adore the colours.

Left: Perspective | Right: Bubbly
Perspective is a beautiful everyday lipcolour. It's a subtle, natural colour, but just makes me feel like I'm a wee bit prettier! I tend to wear gold or shimmery pink eyeshadows during the day, and this colour compliments them really well.

And Bubbly is a really great bright pink. I went through a stage of only owning red lipstick, so it's nice to change up my going out face - this colour feels really spring-like too! It lasts for surprisingly ages too, so you don't have to reapply constantly (which helps justify the slightly-over-my-budget price tag!).


  1. I'm yet to try Lush lipsticks but it looks like I need to splash out! Love the red colour on you.

  2. Which treatment did you go for? I just tried The Spell and it was amaaazing.

  3. Ooh they both look stunning on you! I really like the sound of the formula <3 xo


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