Friday 19 April 2013

Ever So Juliet is two!

This post is a little behind schedule (blame working at a festival - lots of fun, but no time for anything else!), but I wanted to mark the occasion with a rambly post.

Last month marked two years since I decided to be a bit brave, start a blog, and write a very awkward first post. Happy blog anniversary to me!

I didn't realise back then how much "being a blogger" would become such a big part of my identity. I also didn't realise how much time or effort blogging would actually take... if I had I wonder if I would have been as keen to dive in? Blogging has become a ridiculously important part of my life. I feel like I'm always working away on it, either through writing posts, researching, taking photos, tinkering with images and design, or trying out DIYs (which leads to random Monday evenings in full-face zombie make up).

There's lots of very good things that come with a blog. I feel so much more motivated to do things... whether that's baking, doing nice things to my hair, exploring my very favourite city, wearing nice clothes, or just trying to be a cheery person. Having a platform to chat on & regularly update has definitely been really helpful in keeping me on track with my new year's resolution and I definitely take more photos than I ever did before! 

The last year has been a bit of a learning curve for me, as I've appeared on various PR & brand radars, who've wanted to work with me. At first it was all very exciting and I said yes to EVERYTHING, but now I'm trying to be a little more strict regarding who I work with & what I cover (there's nothing like being ridiculously busy to make you realise what emails are important to you!).

But as much as free things and being paid to write is nice (obviously it is), it's not what keeps bringing me back, updating even if I'm knackered or would really prefer to just watch the new Game of Thrones episode thank-you-very-much. I blog because I love it. I love that I have this super fun site that is all about me and my pals and the things I am doing. & people actually read it! Not just my pals and my mum and my sisters, but thousands and thousands of you each month. It properly blows my mind.

So thank you for reading my very rambly, slightly scruffy posts. I hope you keep reading, and that I can be entertaining or helpful or cheer you up in some way. Here's to year three.


  1. Happy bloggy birthday! Such a nice recap post. :)

  2. Happy Blog birthday. My blog is just 3 months old but I really understand the addictiveness and all the benefits it brings, I love your blog keep up all your efforts as us readers appreciate it.

  3. Happy anniversary. I've loved every post. I can't wait to see what you get up to in the next 365 days. :)


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