Wednesday 22 August 2012

Ski holiday!

I've reached the time of year when I am just desperate to go on holiday - my work doesn't let us take any time off over the summer (because of the Edinburgh Festival), so by the end of August most people are starting to plan trips to lovely looking places.

Now, I may have the skiing ability of Bridget Jones (ha), but a skiing holiday sounds wonderful. Just picture lovely snowy mountains, roasting fires, log cabins (on a very fancy scale!), private spas & scenic views. Ski chalet Zermatt has all of this and more.

Isn't it gorgeous! I can just imagine sitting on a balcony, wrapped up all cosy with a glass of wine gazing out at the mountain.

Or making Craig cook me a massive meal (ha ha) in the wooden cabin, chilling & watching snow fall. It would be totally perfect as a new year's getaway with a big group of pals.. and much classier than watching the bells in a local pub! 

I want to go! You don't really have to ski on a ski holiday, do you?

(It does look AMAZING though!)


  1. Wow! If you could get enough people that would be a fantastic New Years Eve trip/party!

  2. I WANT TO GO - I want to go - I want to go! This looks AH-mazing!


  3. I have never been into adrenaline junkie sports - yes I do class Skiing in this realm as I am a giant wimp - however the thought of donning a onesie and curling up with hot chocolate (laced with amaretto) in this beautiful wooden cabin does appeal...Bridget eat your heart out! xx

  4. Ski holidays are amazing. I've been very lucky to go on a fair number of them and couldn't recommend them enough.
    Also, you'd be amazed at how much your skiing would improve over the space of a week!

  5. This looks perfect. Thanks for making me CRAVE a holiday now, haha!


  6. Ahh that looks awesome! I've never been on a ski holiday, I can't imagine being into skiing but I would enjoy the snuggling up with a hot chocolate in the log cabin part!



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