Monday 13 August 2012

LOST locations tour

This is a bit of a random post, but one of my very favourite things about having a blog is getting to share photos that would normally stay tucked away on flickr! I am also absolutely PINING for a holiday (and close to breaking my no-proper-holidays-in-2012 rule) so keep finding myself looking at old trips!

I want to live here
A couple of years ago Craig & I went on an amazing around the world trip - London, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Hawaii, L.A & then home again. His brother lives over in NZ (hi Ross & Kirsten!) so we flew over to Auckland for the wedding.. and decided to make the most of being in that side of the world.

We were only in Hawaii for a couple of days, but one of the most important things on my to-do list was a location tour of Lost. It had just ended that year (RIP) and I was still quite heartbroken. I still am. It's such a weird thing to explain - obviously it is just a television show but I loved it SO MUCH. I still get cross if it comes up in conversation & people don't like it (I pretty much have to stop talking to them. That's weird, I know).

Favourite photo of the whole trip! 
Anyway! We went with KOS tours who were amazing - you are in a tiny group in a Hummer, and before each location they show you clips and photos to put it in context. It's not just Lost locations either! About a million movies are filmed in Hawaii, and it was really interesting seeing how the same location could be reused just by the smallest angle change.

Richard's house! 
The main bulk of filming took place in Ka'a'awa valley which is just BEAUTIFUL. It was hard to actually put down the camera and try to take it in as it was just gorgeous in every direction.

Dharma pier
Even though filming had long stopped there were still quite a few props left up - including loads of Dharma things (with one of the stations, that is now a movie museum).

Dharma sub - so tiny!
Oh it was just so BEAUTIFUL. I want to go back!

Jacob's palm tree
So there you go. I'm not sure how many of you are actually Lost fans - thanks for reading this far if you aren't! Oahu is absolutely gorgeous though.. I'd love to go back and stay for longer... it's just a shame that it's about fourteen hours away!

Smoke monster! 


  1. Oh my goodness - this is so cool! I had no idea they did this kind of thing! The boy and I area actually rewatching Lost right now and this is not helping my desire to drive to the airport immediately and hop on a plane xD Looks so fun!

  2. Ah I'm so jealous! I'd love to plan a trip like that but i'd have no idea where to start!

  3. Great post! Glad that you liked touring the Lost set. I really should go on one of those tours when I get the chance.


  4. The scenery looks beautiful!

  5. This place is so beautiful, it's almost depressing me that I'm not there!

  6. I've never seen Lost...seem to have missed that whole thing for some reason, don't know how but looks like such a beautiful place!! Makes me want to go on holiday!
    Lianne xx

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  8. Oh my goodness- I am the biggest fan of Lost, and it's my dream to go to Hawaii and go on this tour!! I was just begging my boyfriend to go with me asap (our first ever conversation was actually about Lost can you believe it?!)

    I feel exactly the same way as you do when people are like 'Lost got terrible after three seasons'...AH! It's brilliant, how can every person ever not see that!! Sorry I'm also passionate about this subject as you can probably tell :P

    That's incredible they've got all those props and sets still standing, it sounds like my dream holiday!

    Anyway I love your blog, it's brilliant! I'm clicking follow right this second :)

    Just new to the blogging world myself but loving it so far!

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