Wednesday 29 August 2012

August instagram

Oh, I LOVE YOU AUGUST. Without a doubt it is the most ridiculous, exhausting, pal-filled, brilliant month. I've survived lots of very late nights (and some very early mornings), a knackering publication schedule at work (four issues in one month, eek), and loads of shows.. some good, some bad, some brilliant!

I am now in need of a very big sleep.

1. Admiring the big cats at The List's festival party at Summerhall.

2. An amazing Gemma Correll tote bag from Hannah Zakari, I love it!

3. New solar-powered lanterns up in our garden. I am absolutely in love with my garden, everything is growing so nicely and I just feel so relaxed and happy when I'm in it! We have managed to attract a few birds, bees and butterflies too, which is ace to see.

4. The Book Festival is always one of my favourite things about August, and this year was no exception. My highlights were Jeanette Winterson (I love her, she was perfect), China Mieville & Neil Gaiman. If there's a book festival near you - go! They are great.

5. My lovely pal Steph was up for a few days and it was brilliant! I don't get to see her nearly as much as I'd like as she works in movies & is always jet-setting somewhere or other & it was so nice to have chilled out time to catch up properly.

6. Cupcakes from Cuckoo's Bakery - YUM!

7. Doing 'The Face™' with Lucy (my pal from work). She does this in all of her instagram photos, and it became a bit of a theme on our work end-of-festival lunch!

8. Beautiful roses from Craig on our six year anniversary. Oh, you sop.

9. Pals (and me!) at the So You Think You're Funny awards party. I got to wear a bit feathery headdress and it was so much fun - I wanted to keep it!

10. We went to Ting Thai - a pop up thai street food restaurant on Forrest Road. It's really good, loads of nice thai food for £5. Apparently they are hoping to stay open after the festival.. fingers crossed they do.

11. Muzz, Craig & I in freebie sunglasses LOOKING COOL (obviously).

12. End of festival/return to real life commences. SALAD. I plan to eat only vegetables for the next few weeks (and start running again... more on that soon!). It's hard to stay healthy when life revolves around comedy clubs!

2012 festival show count:

Underbelly launch, Gilded Balloon launch, Assembly Gala, Dead Cat Bounce, Late n Live, Axis of Awesome, Carl Einar H√§ckner, Pajama Men, Ceilidh Club, Neil Gaiman, Stanley Odd, Paul Simon Treatment, Sammy J & Randy, Frisky & Mannish, Neal Stephenson, Late n Live, Neal Stephenson (again, a science talk), Jeanette Winterson, China Mieville, Iain Stirling, Foster's Comedy Award showcase (Pappy's Fun Club, Dr Brown & more).



  1. Love all your photos Juliet - looks like you had such a fun August! I am sad it is all over. Didn't get a chance to pop into Ting Thai so hope it says as love Thai food. Your garden looks so cute!
    Lianne xx


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