Wednesday 1 August 2012

Carly Watts illustration

The other evening I received the most LOVELY email from Carly, an illustrator whose blog I've been following for a couple of months now. I was totally over the moon to see that she drew me - how cool is this?!

I wish I had an outfit like that in real life!

You should definitely take a look at her blog, she's been doing a series of blogger portraits and does commissions if anyone is looking for a custom header/business cards or the like. Thanks Carly!


  1. This is so cute! I'd love someone to draw/paint/illustrate a pic of me. Lucky you!xx

  2. Awww Juliet! This is so cute!
    Lianne xx

  3. It's beautiful! What a talented illustrator and how flattering to have someone want to draw your portrait :D xx

  4. That is neat. She just did it for you. I bet you were surprised. It looks really similar to you!


    ~Jocelyn (Nail Artist @ Polishpedia)

  5. Love Carly Watts, she's fab =) she captured you lovely here!

  6. Yeah, I was so pleased - such a nice thing to get!


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