Friday 10 August 2012


A few weeks ago I had a few pals round to the house for my very first ever poker night! (How had I managed to get to 26 without ever playing it?). I can't resist the opportunity to do THEMED things.. even just for a casual Saturday night, so I made up some poker cupcakes for everyone.

They are simple vanilla cupcakes, with greeny blue icing (which was meant to resemble casino tables!).

I bought a couple of bars of white chocolate, broke these into squares & gave these to my friends with writing icing pens to draw on the card faces. It only really dawned on me afterwards that I basically gave my pals an 'activity' as if they were in primary school. Everyone seemed pretty happy though!

They were super cute and turned out to be quite a lucky poker charm. I came fourth (just missing out on money!) and Craig won the whole thing with four fours (which is good.. I think).

I love making themed cakes! Need to start plotting my next project...