Friday 3 August 2012

Bonsai, Edinburgh

A week or so ago I went to Bonsai - a wee Japanese bar bistro, just off Nicolson Street, for lunch. I don't eat Japanese food that often, I'm a bit wimpy when it comes to raw fish, but I had heard very lovely things. My friend Sheri was also needing to use up her groupon voucher so I was able to jump onto the super cheap offer - score!

The menu looked nice and very veggie friendly (which is always good when you've got a veggie other half to consider for repeat visits!).

My pals & I all ordered bento boxes which came with miso soup, rice or noodles, and two different items from the menu.

Miso soup |  Agenasu  | Chicken katsu | Avocado & red pepper maki-zushi

Oh it was LOVELY. I had chicken katsu, noodles and sushi rolls. YUM. The boxes only cost £9 (ish) and were packed full of food - I couldn't finish mine and was stuffed all afternoon.

Bonsai is on 46 West Richmond Street, just round the corner from the Pleasance (which is pretty handy for Fringe goers!). I imagine they'll be PACKED in August, but it's well worth a visit - especially if you are nervous about sushi, like I was! You can see the rest of their lovely menu here.


  1. Oh that look so good! I haven't had dinner yet and now my mouth is watering.

    Love it...last time I had asian food was in the hospital after having my first baby. Cravings just came back...

    ~Jocelyn (Nail Artist @ Polishpedia)

  2. I'm appalled at myself for living next door to this for almost a year and not checking it out. But your photos look scrummy!

    1. Oh you HAVE to go! Apparently they do a really good (& cheap!) lunch menu outside the festival.. I'm looking forward to trying that out.

  3. Bonsai is my absolute FAVOURITE!


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