Monday 3 September 2012

Couch to 5k - week one (again!)

It's been a good week!

Runkeeper - my new pal
I must admit, I was a bit nervous when I announced that I was going to start exercising again.. I was feeling fed up and lazy and the nights were getting colder. Brr! The last thing I fancied was running after work. But I am feeling DETERMINED, so I have restarted both Couch to 5k and the 30 day shred - it's a popular combination, and hopefully one that will get results.

And I've been really good! Hooray! I completed week one fairly easily - I'm running much faster than the last time I tried, and felt like I fell into a nice stride quite easily. I've also been up at 6.15am five times a week to do the 30 day shred before work - I've surprised myself with this one!

Can I keep it up? (oh please, I hope so!).

Week one summary:
+ nice easy start to running.
+ much faster, good to see obvious improvement!
+ feeling enthusiastic about everything.

- very achey already. Think this is due to the 30 day shred... hope it goes soon!


  1. Well done Juliet! Sounds like you are doing so well ! 6.15am - woah! xx

  2. 30 day shred is a KILLER, well done! :)

  3. I'm so impressed that you can do both - the 30 Day Shred made me so sore I could hardly walk, nevermind run!

  4. Way to go on keeping it up! Funny enough, that's the combination that I've fallen into with my workouts, with a little bit of the Xbox Kinect thrown in there for fun.

    A good achey, I hope!

  5. Thank you - & yes, definitely a good ache!

  6. Well done this sounds very impressive! Great idea to combine the 30 day shred with the couch to 5k! I absolutely love the 30 day shred and always see results fast with that. Just did a post on it last month actually! I should try your combo.
    I definitely think you need a couple of rest days in a week of 30 day shredding. The first time I tried it I did it every day for 22 days straight and I was in agony. Now I do it 3-4 times a week and I'm seeing the same results and feel way better and it's far easier to stick to. And it gives your muscles time to repair and rebuild.
    Do you find your knees hurt from all the jumping/squats etc? That's my only problem with it, and I've played netball for 12 years and never had a problem with knees before! Hrmm :S

    Anyway very inspiring! Look forward to reading about your progress! xx


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