Saturday 15 September 2012

Firmoo - free glasses!

I have to admit that I hadn't heard of Firmoo when they first contacted me, asking if I'd like to review a pair of glasses from their site, but I liked the cut of their jib! They sell prescription glasses and sunglasses (and luckily for me, as I need neither of those, non-prescription sunglasses too).

I was an idiot and filled in the delivery form wrong (prompting the very nice customer service team to email me saying "er, we do need your address" - ahh, sorry!), but the glasses zoomed over within a week.

I went for these glasses and I love them!

 I've wanted a pair of tortoiseshell glasses for absolutely ages, I reckon they go quite nicely with my hair! The glasses are nice and sturdy too - they're made of lightweight plastic but I don't feel nervous about throwing them in my bag. All in all, they are ace!

Firmoo are also running a program offering free glasses (hiya!) to first-time buyers. You just pay for shipping and you can have your pick of glasses from the site. It does sound a tiny bit too good to be true, but they are on a mission to get their name out & win people over with their speedy service. Which is okay by me!


  1. Oooh I like those! They really suit you. I might check the website out later. Fress sunnies? Yes please. x

    1. That was my reaction! They have some lovely things on site, definitely worth a look x

  2. Wow I LOVE those glasses! I can never find decent glasses for my massive face.

  3. Just got some prescription glasses for free using that link, thanks! Paid about £10 for shipping, so I can afford to try some different styles for my face. There were a couple of other ones I fancied too so I might well be back after I receive my new specs. Healthy tidy.

  4. Ace! I'm so pleased with them.


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