Friday 28 September 2012

September instagram


Instagram name: @eversojuliet

1. My mum and dad came round for afternoon tea, which was SO tasty. I would like lunch to look like this every day please!

2. A lovely wee house, just round the corner from work. I love buildings in the Old Town.

3. We started finally putting up photos in the house. We're going to cover the stairs in pictures of places we've been - managed to cover New Zealand, Hawaii, Hong Kong & Edinburgh so far, but got a lot more to do!

4. Poor Riley is feeling very conflicted about the weather these days. He loves being outside but hates being soggy, which means he is gazing sadly at the garden whenever it rains.

5. I got a new coat - a fuzzy leopard print jacket of dreams! I have been on the hunt for the perfect cosy leopard coat for years, and weirdly enough found this in Primark. Happy days.

6. This is Ollie, my sister's puppy! SO CUTE.

7. I had to renew my passport which meant a dreaded trip to get passport photos taken. I think I am slightly better at getting my photo taken these days (probably because I do it so much for this here blog, ha) but WHY do photobooths always make you look like a proper criminal? Argh!

8.  Lunch with the lovely lovely folk from the Lyceum Theatre at Spoon. If every work day could be like this I'd be a very happy lady!

9. Finally moved my piano into the house, I've missed it loads! If anyone can recommend a piano tuner near Edinburgh please let me know!

10. Started to organise the library... look out for a post on this in a couple of days!

11. Craig & I all scrubbed up for a wedding at the Botanic Gardens.

12. We went to see Phantom of the Opera at the Playhouse which was FANTASTIC. I am a massive fan of musicals so I was expecting good things, but  I was absolutely blown away by it. The perfomances & sets were incredible, I highly highly recommend it! It's on until October 20th so go if you can get a ticket!


  1. Is that a library being organised by cover colour?! i so hope so!xo

  2. lovely photos :)x

  3. Very cute pic of you and your leopard dream coat...xx

  4. Very cute pic of you and your leopard dream coat...xx

  5. Ahh! Phantom! That's awesome. Love all of these pics!


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