Monday 17 September 2012

Garden update

One of my very favourite things to do these days is potter about in my garden (I know that sounds so boring, but it's ace!). It has been so fun starting with absolutely nothing (remember how it used to look?) and seeing how far it's come in just a few short months.

Nowadays it is looking a little more like this....

Look how pretty it is! We've just hung up solar-powered fairy lights and lanterns in the corner which look so lovely lit up at night. The plan is to get deckchairs for this corner, but we've pretty much missed the good weather (oops). Loads of pots line the decking, including a big pot of basil, mint & coriander, and a homemade sweet pea frame in the corner.

My mini greenhouse is AMAZING, hardly takes up any room and has been home to a few happy tomato plants this summer.

Sorry for the bright photo - it was hard trying to fit everything in! The plants in the main flower bed have all sprawled out and have been flowering all summer. In the corner I have planted a cherry blossom tree, but it is struggling from transplant shock (oh no!) and is shedding leaves. I don't know what to do except keep watering it loads - please don't die, tree!

I've been on a mission to attract birds to the garden all summer and it is finally working (hooray!).There's a blue tit that keeps popping in, and the other week there was a hoard of great tits (note to other naive folk: google image searching for "great tits" isn't a good idea. Doh).

Vegetables are growing too (although super super slowly as the weather has been so rubbish). We've got tomatoes, loads of lettuce, carrots, a few peppers, a courgette plant and spring onions on the go. I'm not sure how much longer they'll go before it starts to get too cold... I'm just experimenting to see what happens. 

& it is full of flowers. I wanted the garden to be a really colourful fun space. One that cheered me up everytime I looked out, that had lots of personality and was a fun place to sit in. I think it's well on its way.

I'm so pleased with it!


  1. what a colourful garden! love the mini greenhouse, and jealous of your veggies!


  2. Thanks! I just wish it had been a better summer so more vegetables would have grown... have only been able to eat lettuce so far! x

  3. Looks lovely, where did you get the mini greenhouse? I have a decent sized balcony and reckon I might be able to fit something like that in.

    1. It's from Dobbies! They have them in a few different sizes too, so you should find one that fits.

  4. Looking good Juliet -where did you get the solar lights from?

    1. Thanks Teps! Both from amazon. These fairy lights ( & these lanterns ( x

  5. Aw, I think your garden looks lovely, I haven't long moved into my new house and I can't wait to start on the garden! And just like you I'm going to have a little vegetable patch, I'm sure everything will taste extra nice when you've grown it yourself :)

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  6. Ooh that's a fancy garden! I used to think gardening was for smelly old people but now I find myself really wanting to get into it! Yours is really pretty. I laughed a lot at "great tits" hahaha.

  7. This looks lovely! Such a huge improvement from when you first moved (I stalked the old post haha.) You have somewhere nice to sit with a cold cider in the sunshine...well maybe next year now?! ;). Hopefully when we move we will have a garden, it's not something I ever thought I'd miss, but I do! xx


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