Wednesday 12 September 2012

Kampung Ali, Edinburgh

At first glance Kampung Ali doesn't look like much. It's a big room with an Italian fresco ceiling which clashes quite harshly with a flashing skyline of Kuala Lumpur across one wall. It feels a wee bit like you have just wandered into a mis-matched diner.

But ignore that. Let's talk about the food. Oh the food! There was a cold chill in the air this week and I was craving tasty comfort food... a perfect excuse to go out for Malaysian.

The menu is mainly noodle and rice based dishes, all at totally reasonable prices. We went for the following:

Roti cenai, probably my favourite thing on the menu! 

Craig's dish was the Vegetarian Mee Goreng, which was very hot, but SUPER-tasty (Craig's words). 

Sorry for the iphone photos! It was an impromptu visit.
& I went for the chicken curry noodle. This used to be a bit bony (tasty but you had to be careful), but they've recently changed the menu so it is bone-free! 

For two starters, two mains and two drinks the bill came to £24. What a bargain. 

Kampung Ali is on 97 - 101 Fountainbridge (just round the corner from Lothian Road).  

The family also run a sister restaurant, Kampong Ah Lee, on 28 Clerk Street. It's teeny-tiny (you might be asked to share tables!) but it is also lovely. Perfect for all Edinburgh Uni students too! 


  1. Oh yum, the noodles look lovely. I've never really had Malaysian food.

  2. Oh looks lovey. I love malaysian food.


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