Sunday 4 October 2015


Hello Sunday! This week has been ace, I've binge-watched loads of Nashville (so, so obsessed with that show), had a flying trip to Glasgow to stay in the absolutely beautiful citizenM and view the Turner Prize exhibition (more on this soon), saw friends, ate amazing food, and basked in the absolutely glorious sunshine. Phew!

A3 letter lightbox (also available in A4 here!)
"The only thing Danny Boyle’s London 2012 opening ceremony was missing was a section where hundreds of women skipped around the stadium singing the praises of opaques, and the fact that, thanks to our terrible weather, we can wear them for nine months of the year".
Lauren Laverne wrote a list of the 10 best things about being a British woman, and it is perfect.

The most exciting thing this week was obviously that they found water on Mars! I went to see The Martian this week, and I'd hugely recommend it, I loved it!

Ryan Adam covered 1989 and everyone went mad for it.  New Statesman looks at Ryan Adam's 1989 and the mansplaining of Taylor Swift.

Vice asks the important questions: was Avril Lavigne killed off and replaced with an actress

I'm turning 30 in December, and I swithered over doing a '30 before 30' project. I decided against it (it all seemed too forced), but I liked this list: things every grown human should maybe stop doing by the time they're 30.

The new Lazy Oaf x Casper collection has just been launched, and it is perfect for October! I am particularly obsessed with that fluffy jumper.

Young Adult fiction tends to go for plucky, likeable characters (think Harry Potter!), but antiheroes are on the rise with more YA girls behaving badly.

This was an interesting read...  why are kids in Japan so independent?

Edinburgh wonder-shoppe Hannah Zakari are holding a cocktail clutch bag workshoppe. There's only 10 spots available, so if you are interested, sign up quickly! 


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    1. I know! I'm so tempted by the smaller one, but I know I don't actually NEED it. x


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