Friday 2 October 2015


There's only four weeks to go until move-in day. FOUR! Have I done anything productive, other than incessantly blog about how excited I am? No I have not. I need to order boxes so I can start packing, I need to book my internet moving day (and I should have done this a week ago!), I need to start ordering furniture so it will arrive on time, I need to do things. Aargh!

bedroom inspiration
Bedrooms from pinterest
I've already blogged about my plans for my bright and colourful living room, and now I'm dreaming about bedrooms. The flat is such a colourful space, and I'm planning to leave most of it as it currently is (I love the yellow hall and living room and bright blue bathroom), but I don't think I can live with a lime green bedroom - the white paint is coming out!

I thought it would nice to balance all of the colour of the flat, with a very neutral and calm bedroom. At first I was drawn to all-white rooms, with soft splashes of colour, but now I love the idea of painting a grey feature wall, and pairing it with a white bed, black and white duvets, and brightly-coloured bedside tables (like this cute table from Ikea).

Because I'm a massive hipster-wannabe, I want to fill my house with filament lamps (pfft, who needs lamp shades anyway?). I absolutely love this black and brass lamp from Made, but I cannot fathom the 8-10 weeks shipping time... it's a lamp! It comes in other colours (like grey and nickel) that ship in 3 days, but I don't think I like them as much. Ah, what do I do? Do I order the black one and wait two months to get it? The struggle is real.

I'm not letting myself buy any room accessories until I actually move in (as I know I'll get carried away and then not have space/not like or need what I buy!), but I've already got my eye on this grey chevron throw...


  1. Yeah for house moves! We're in the same boat as you, but four DAYS away from moving, rather than weeks. My Pinterest boards are starting to lose focus....

    This is our second attempt after a previous sale fell through at the literal 11th hour ( beds dismantled, white van man with theengine running outside ) so trying not to tempt fate and buy too much. Didn't stop me spending loads with these guys: They've got another event on in Glasgow this weekend and I found loads at their last one at the Briggait. If you don't fancy the Scotrail shuffle, they've got a post listing all the sellers at the last fair, and lots sell online/take commissions. Similar prices to Made, but made with care and love, and no 10 week wait!

    Stay strong, go with the black lamp. Two months of nervous excitement is better than years of 'remember that black lamp...'

    Happy moving ! Xx

    1. It feel through at the last minute?! Gah, that gives me the FEAR. I just want to move and start getting settled it... the waiting is making me so impatient! I hope your move all goes super smoothly.

      Thanks for the link too, that looks really interesting.


  2. How cute is that birdhouse style bed - so sweet! I'm with you on the lime green wall, it could possibly give you nightmares haha! xxx

    1. I know, I love the birdhouse lamp too! xx

  3. I'd wait patiently for the Black and Brass lamp, if I were you, if you like them better than the other color options. After all, you'd be looking at them every day so might as well get those that you really really desire for your room. I'm sure the wait will be worth it. :-)

    another day to wander


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