Monday 26 October 2015


I've got another Halloween tutorial for you, and this time I've gone mega gory. I love a scary Halloween costume, it's the only time of year that you have an excuse to cover yourself in blood and spook your pals (that's a normal thing to like, right?).

One of my favourite make up looks I've ever done was my bloody zip face, so I took inspiration from that to do a slightly different version. Say hello to staple face!

You will need:

  • Red eyeshadow
  • Black eyeshadow (I used a NARS velvet shadow stick, kindly sent to me by HQHair)
  • Foundation
  • Black eyeliner pencil
  • Mascara
  • Liquid latex 
  • Staples
  • Fake blood

Start by taking your red eyeshadow and putting on your eyelids, along your lower lash line, down into your cheek and into the bridge on your nose. If you've ever followed any of my zombie tutorials before, you'll recognise this step - it's my go to way of looking grim! I used a sponge applicator to add the shadow, and used my fingers to blend it into the skin.

Now get the black eyeshadow and add it to your lids and along the lower lash line. Smudge a little on top of the red shadow along the bridge of your nose (or whatever looks best for you - you just want to look grungey and a bit bruised!)

Add eyeliner along your waterline. 

Take the liquid latex and paint a strip along the bridge of your nose. Let it dry for a minute or so and paint another layer on (this bit is quite boring and you will look ridiculous). 

Once it's suitably thick and has dried, tear little holes in the middle of the latex - these are going to be your cuts, and the flaps of latex suddenly become flaps of disgusting skin (ew!). I used a kirby grip to do this bit, but you should be able to use your fingernails - just don't use scissors in case you cut yourself!

Use a sponge applicator to dab on fake blood in the latex holes. I did a few layers of fake blood to try and make it look splodgy and realistic, and also added a little bit of black eyeshadow onto the bloody bits to stop the colour looking too uniform.

Now, add your staples along the bridge of your nose. I just stretched the staple so it would comfortably slot around my 'wound', placed it on, and dabbed a little bit of liquid latex onto the ends to hold it in place.

Once your staples are on and the latex has dried, use foundation and the red and black eyeshadow to go over the latex edges. This will blend it into your face and looks SO DISGUSTING.

Enjoy freaking out your friends! 

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  1. Oh, that's amazing! I've done the zip eye thing in the past, but I'm really not skilled when it comes to make up at all, so just used what I had, whcih isn't a lot.


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