Friday 23 October 2015


It's been 10 weeks since I first viewed the flat, 6 weeks since my mortgage was approved, and 5 weeks of Friday Flat Chat posts, where I've excitedly counted down the days to moving in by daydreaming about my new home. Now there's just 1 week left before I get the keys and move in.

I've owned a house before, so I'm not sure I should be this excited about my new flat, but I can't help it. This time it's mine, all mine, and I get to decorate it exactly how I want, without having to ask anyone what they think (or compromise on mediocre solutions).

That's exciting and overwhelming at the same time - I forgot that there's SO MUCH STUFF to do when you buy a flat, and I've had to do it all myself. Order everything, read all boring paperwork, organise all movers and deliveries, update addresses and change suppliers and call the council and meet with solicitors and ahh. I know it's good to be independent and that's partly why it's SO ACE, but it's also really stressful and exhausting. I alternate between feeling like Lesley Knope and needing an adult.

But I've been productive! I managed to finally convince the Ikea website that my delivery address actually existed so my furniture will arrive on time (although I'm dreading the amount of flatpack I'll need to build!). I booked my man with van, and a tiler AND a cleaner. I sorted out the very last of my dull-but-important paperwork, so I hopefully don't have any more massive documents to read, and, importantly, I paid my deposit. It's actually happening!

I've now got one week to say goodbye to this flat, which was such an important stepping stone for me after a very difficult part of my life. This little space gave me the breathing room to feel calm again, to pick up the pieces after an exhausting year, to like myself, and to love another (very wonderful) person. It's a small space but it's always bright and sunny and it's felt exactly like home. I'll miss my beautiful stairwell with its old mosaic doorway, my window seat that is the perfect spot for gazing on the world, and Sunday mornings, basking in the sunshine, coffee in hand.

The days are drawing in, but it's time for new beginnings. I just need to pack first.

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