Monday 12 October 2015


Next up in this year's halloween tutorials, something a bit more colourful!

Escapade fancy dress challenged me to recreate a classic halloween look (and kindly sent me some face paints to play with), so I went for the Queen of Hearts/Red Queen from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.

This is such a quick and easy look to do (I might as well rename all my halloween tutorials as the lazy girl's guide to halloween!), and also works really well if you're a red head already.

You will need:

Start by covering your entire face with white face paint. I used a sponge at first, but found it was easier to get even coverage by dabbing it on with my fingers.

Then use the light blue face paint to cover your eyes, from the lids to the brows. It'll take a couple of coats to properly colour in the area, so let the face paint dry before you go over it again to stop it streaking.

Then take your black face paint (black liquid eyeliner would work for this as well), and paint thin eyebrows above your natural eyebrows. Dot a beauty spot on your cheek too.

Add the false eyelashes. Some people find it quite tricky to put lashes on, but it just takes a little bit of practice! Apply the glue to the lashes and then leave them for about 30 seconds - this means the glue will go a bit tacky, and you'll find it easier to put them on. When you've placed them in the right position, gently press them on and then keep your eye closed for another 30 seconds, to give them a chance to stick in place.

Then finally, use your lipstick to draw a small heart shape on your lips. I was kindly sent this Lipstick Queen pencil in Cupid's Bow by HQHair and I love love love it. It's a lipstick and lip liner in one, it's seriously pigmented and it stays put for HOURS without budging. It also (weirdly) smells amazing too!

Pair this look with your most regal dress and lots of heart-shaped accessories. Off with their heads!


  1. Haha! Off with their heads! You actually did good with this Halloween look.Steps are easy to follow too. :-)

    another day to wander

  2. You are so blooming talented! Love this! xxx


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