Friday 9 October 2015


It's Friday Flat Chat time! Are you bored of these posts yet? It's been seven weeks since my offer was accepted and I've still got THREE weeks to wait until I get the keys... I'm feeling pretty impatient, although I am aware that I probably need to think about starting to pack!

I've been a bit more organised since last week's post- I've booked my internet move (and got sweet-talked into upgrading to a new package, aargh!) and I finally ordered my sofa, which handily will arrive just three days after I get my keys. I ordered the lamp I was swithering over, which brings my furniture total up to one sofa, one lamp, one vintage trunk, and one hedgehog cage... I really need to get to Ikea, stat!

All bathrooms linked on Pinterest
One room I don't really have to think about (but I am anyway) is the bathroom. Currently the room is very simple and very blue. There's blue cupboards, a blue bath, blue walls, white square tiles, and a blueish-grey floor. It's definitely bright, but it's not quite the subway-tiled claw-foot tubbed space of my dreams.

Still, I'm trying to be realistic. There's no way I could afford (or have the energy) to replace the bathtub for something massive and fancy, but as it's quite a little room I could definitely update the floor tiles, and maybe replace the wall tiles if I have some money left?

Bathroom soaps - Anthropologie
Cloud storage - MoMA
Bath bombs - LUSH  

The thing I'm most excited by is the fact I'll finally have a bath again! I adore the flat I'm currently renting, but it has a teeny tiny shower-only bathroom, and I've been surprisingly frustrated with my lack of bath - it's (weirdly?) one of the main reasons I thought about moving in the first place.

I am SO excited about finally getting to buy ridiculous LUSH bathbombs again, bring on the bubbles!


  1. Ooh! We have those blue tiles in the top right pic (that pic was actually the inspiration for our bathroom) - they are actually dupes from Topps Tiles and not that expensive (

    Smidge :)

  2. Exciting! Haha, Lush baths are pretty much the best baths so that'll be awesome! xxx

    1. Definitely, I have been without a bath for too long! xx


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