Wednesday 30 September 2015


This has been such a fun month! I've spent time hanging out with all of my favourite people, gone adventuring in the sunshine, and had time after a mad-cap August to catch up on sleep and recharge my batteries. I also can't believe how quickly it's gone by - this time next month I'll be collecting the keys to my new flat. EXCITING.

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1. This month I looked after my favourite cat for two weeks. I love that I'm Riley's holiday home, it is so nice to see him and get proper cat cuddles! Riley seemed to have a nice time too although he's not a good flat cat anymore, I learned quickly that he cannot be trusted near open windows!

2. The weather has been surprisingly lovely this month, but it's been nice to have some rainy autumn days too. I bought this candle from Primark and I really love it - it was a total bargain, has lasted ages and smells amazing!

3. I started growing this avocado plant earlier this year, and I'm so delighted to see how much it's grown! It's taken months to get this far, but now it has proper roots and looks like an actual plant. I should be able to plant it in a pot soon and then it'll turn into a tree!

4. I couldn't resist buying this amazing antique 1930s chest from an Edinburgh vintage store. It is massive, and is still covered in stickers from its travel around the world.

5. This photo makes me laugh so much - look how bored Riley is of my affection. Poor kitten.

6. My walk to work takes me by paths of trees, which are all turning orange and red and lovely. It's such a nice time of year!

7. I went to London for work, and found myself in a seriously posh part of town for meetings.

8. So posh, that I accidentally walked into the changing of the guard ceremony! Those horses are so massive and beautiful - the ceremony isn't much more than men with swords shouting at each other, but I'm glad I got to see it up close.

9. Once work was done, I had a weekend to catch up with my best pal. I've been wanting to go on the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio tour for AGES and we finally managed to get tickets! It was the best day, I almost wanted to cry with how amazing everything is. We got to go on the Hogwarts Express AND walk down actual Diagon Alley (so so so cool) and explore the Great Hall. It was the BEST.

10. Once the Harry Potter excitement was over, we headed to the other side of London and explored the seriously cool God's Own Junkyard - a warehouse packed full of amazing neon signs and artwork. There was a cute beer garden around the back too!

11. How adorable is this London street? I wish I lived in a turquoise house! I had a glorious last morning in London, strolling down streets like this in the beautiful sunshine, followed by HOURS sitting on a train stuck in the middle of England. It was a bit of an exhausting end to a glorious week.

12. Then on Sunday, Joshua and I went on a massive (40km!) cycle from Edinburgh out to my hometown, and sat in the shadow of my local ruined palace, drinking beers in the sunshine. It was such a delightful day!

Bring on October, the month of Halloween and home-ownership!


  1. Love your catch up posts like this! You have been one busy lady <3 xx

  2. Love these photos! That trunk is fabulous.


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