Friday 18 September 2015


I hope you're ready for about a million interiors posts! There's now six weeks to go until I collect the keys of my brand new flat, and to help me (impatiently!) count down I've started a new series of home inspo posts - Friday Flat Chat! In the run up to being a homeowner I'll be looking at homes that inspire me, and pulling together millions of wishlists, and chat about what I've learned about house-buying.

If this sounds interesting to you (I can't imagine why it wouldn't! Ha), then check back every Friday for a new update. If this sounds hellish, I promise to post about non-home things on Monday and Wednesday like usual. Phew!

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Beautiful blues, colourful walls, grey and copper combos, adorable pets!
One of the first things I've had to think about is my future living room. Sofas can take up to 10 weeks to order, so I have to pretty quickly break out of the how-do-I-adult stage of house buying, and pick a sofa so I have something to sit on when I move in!

My new flat is painted in really bright colours (the previous owners seem to be pretty into Indian-inspired decor), and while I'm planning to paint most of it, I actually really like the yellow living room. All of my recent flats have had completely white walls, so I think it would be fun to have some colour - the room is big enough to pull it off, and at one end it has a Juliet balcony, so it is a lovely, sunny space.

I first started looking at bright blue sofas, to complement the yellow walls, but a few people warned me on how they can fade and show up marks easily. As much as I love them - how ace is the top left one?! - I want an easy life, so I've been eyeing up dark grey sofas instead. They're much more practical, and I can add pops of colour with cushions and throws!

Amazing cloud storage, indoor trees, loads of light, colourful dining
My living room is a big rectangle shape, so I'll be splitting it into a sofa/chill out space at one end, and a dining space at the other. I love Zoe's upcycled chairs, they are super cute! I am also SO excited about having a dining table again (and it is moments like these that make me realise I am old). I love having my friends round for dinner, but it always takes the shine off when you have to eat on your lap - but no more!

I also love having loads of plants in my house, and now I have more space I can get even bigger ones. Ikea have a surprisingly nice plant section, and have some massive leafy ones that would look lovely in the corner of the room. I'll also be able to grow things on my tiny balcony and as I'm on the top floor of the building, there's extra space at my front door to grow even more. I've not had this much (indoor) garden space in years, I can't wait to over-water everything!

Can you tell I'm excited?


  1. I am really interested in seeing your new flat. Love living vicariously through other peoples flats!


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