Wednesday 23 September 2015


I've already written a couple of Autumney posts (here and here), and I promise not to bang on about it for the whole of September, but I wanted to share a make up look that I've been loving recently.

Autumn make up plum lipstick copper eyeshadow floral crown

I absolutely love copper eyeshadow, and it's become my go-to shade for evening make up. I've got a Sleek palette (you can see it here) that I love, and re-purchase every time my favourite colours run out, I reckon it's the best budget eyeshadow out there! I put the copper shade on my eyelid and a little along my lower lash line, and add some liquid eyeliner.

I think the colours go nicely with my hair, and feel suitably autumnal and lovely. Talking of my hair, please don't judge me! It's in such a terrible state at the moment - I had to cancel my last hair appointment and I've not got round to booking another one yet, so the colour is weird and it feels all straggly and not good! Poor hair. To try and disguise it for this post I tousled it a bit, and put on my brand new Crown & Glory floral crown, which came in my September Glitterati box - I love it! I'm trying to channel woodland princess, rather than girl-in-need-of-a-hairbrush.

Autumn make up plum lipstick copper eyeshadow floral crown
Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick - Shade 30 - £5.49
To go with my coppery eyes, I used my brand new Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick in shade 30. I am building up quite a collection of Kate Moss lipsticks, but they are ace! They last really well, are kind to dry lips, and are easy to put on if you are a lipstick-novice like me!

This is actually my first move into darker lipsticks, and I was really nervous that it would look ridiculous on me, but I think it works. The colour is lighter than it looks, and it's a really nice plum-purpley-pink. The lipsticks are less than £6 too, such a bargain!


  1. The dark lipstick suits you very well! I think it looks great with your red hair!

  2. Beautiful make up and that flower crown looks stunning on you. Got to love the glitterati :)


  3. I think you look so pretty! Autumnal colours really suit you! xxx

  4. Looking gorgeous lady. I've never tried a copper eye shadow but you've inspired me. I also think you pull of the woodland fairy look really well. Your flower crown is beaut! x

  5. I'm such a fan of this crown, it's so subtle and the colour is gorgeous. It looks amazing against your hair <3

    Lis / last year's girl x


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