Sunday 20 September 2015


Happy Sunday everyone! I've had a lovely, but very, very busy week. I went down to London for a few days of work, followed by a weekend of fun with my bestie (we went to the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour, and it was possibly the BEST DAY EVER. More on this soon!).

Now I'm sitting at a train station somewhere in Northern England, as my train home has been delayed by an incident in the Borders, and it doesn't look like we'll move any time soon. All I want is to get home and get in my pyjamas... cross your fingers for me please!

Donut bow shoe clips - Etsy

While I wait for my train to move (I've been sitting in this seat for over five hours now, so I am a bit broken!), here's a few of my favourite links from this week.

London Fashion Week started on Friday. I get a bit intimidated by fashion, but I love this Vice article from last year: I dressed like an idiot at London Fashion Week.

I love cheese, but I've never thought about roasting it before. Take a look at this roasted feta recipe, and prepare for your mouth to water.

Did you know you can get Han Solo pop tarts?! Guttingly, you can't actually eat them, but they do look amazing.

However, you CAN eat and play with these chocolate LEGO bricks and they are possibly the most adorable thing I've seen!

Have you ever wondered what the deal with rose gold is? This article, about the semiotics of rose-gold is super fascinating.

I've got a lot of love for Lorde, and I really liked how she rocked her sore eye at New York Fashion Week (aka did not care, partied through it, continued to look amazing).

And finally, everyone loves pom poms, right? Checkout these 10 amazeballs pom pom projects to get your crafty fix!

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