Wednesday 9 September 2015


I have been waiting impatiently to post this for weeks - I bought a flat! My mortgage is approved, and I'm just waiting on the last bits of paperwork to be filed (so, er, here's hoping I don't jinx it!), and I'll get the keys next month. EXCITING.

It hasn't really felt real. After I sold my house in the suburbs and moved back to the city, I had no intentions of buying again. Selling the house had been such a hassle and I didn't want to be tied down again into something that might become a burden. I loved (and still love!) the flat I'm renting... but it's a pretty small flat, and, if I'm honest, I missed having space. I also realised that mortgage payments were likely to be lower than what I'm paying in rent (madness), and home ownership started to feel like a slightly better idea.

So, I started looking at flats a couple of months ago, and quickly realised how hellish house-hunting actually is. The housing market seems to have totally picked up again, so everything is going SO QUICKLY and, in most cases, for well over the valuation price. I put an offer in on one flat and was knocked back spectacularly, viewed the most depressing properties you can imagine, viewed the most glorious one I could never afford, was stressed out of my head, had various cries about it, and actually had nightmares about house-viewings. It was not fun. I almost gave up, but I was addicted to a painful cycle of refreshing property apps over and over and over again.

But then I found my one! And it is bright and lovely, and has the most glorious rooftop views  that stretch over to Edinburgh Castle! It's got space for a study (so I can recreate bits of my old library) and also has a massive floored attic (!) which I'm planning to turn into a cinema/video game space. It also has a BATH, so I can return to the land of lovely Lush bathbombs (friends and family - note, they are all I want for christmas). Somehow I got in early enough, and they accepted my offer, and the bank was nice enough to lend me a massive amount of money that I'm tied into until I retire! Yay, adulting!

And now I wait. I've got weeks and weeks before I move, as I let the seller pick the date, so I've just been getting carried away on Pinterest (I have TEN home-themed boards now, so I think I officially have a problem).

But it's so exciting! And over-whelming! The only bit of furniture I own is Soba's cage, so I have to completely furnish the flat from scratch. I've also never lived anywhere that was a completely blank canvas before - how do you decide what colours to use, when you could go for absolutely anything?! Too much choice.

So that's my news. It's been really stressful and I've hated most of house-hunting, but hopefully there's mainly good times ahead. I'm been obsessed with homeware blogs recently, so I'm going to start posting some decor inspiration blogs, while I try and get my new flat life in order. Fun!


  1. I'm house hunting at the moment, although on and off and it's absolute hell. Hooray for finding something you liked and congrats!

    1. Thank you! It's such a nightmare looking, I hope you find something soon. x

  2. That is so exciting! And I'm really looking forward to the home decor posts as I love me some good home inspiration (even though I'm not even close to having a flat or just a home ;) ).

    1. Thank you! I'm going to start a series of 'Friday Flat Chat' posts (hopefully that isn't too terrible a name!), starting next week x

  3. So very many congrats! When we bought our house and informed the letting agents of the flat that we were in that we were leaving, they sent us an itemised statement with the total we had spent on rent over the previous two years. I felt a little sick. Thankfully, everything that we're paying now is going into something we can never be evicted from!

    Lis / last year's girl x

    1. Oh god, that sounds quite intense! My mortgage works out a little cheaper than my rent, which is mad! x


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