Saturday 1 December 2012

November instagram

I'm knackered. What a month! I've been writing furiously for National Novel Writing Month (you can see my final word count in the box on the right of this post!), baked a three-tier wedding cake, blogged almost every second day & still managed to get out of the house a few times. PHEW.

Good thing December will be so chilled.. (er....!).

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1. Craig & I were invited to a special event at Ikea for being one of their "most loyal" family members. I dread  to think what that actually means (in our defense, we had to furnish a house from scratch & they are good for a bargain!). It was really fun though - we got goody bags filled with really useful Christmas stuff (sellotape, notebooks, discount voucher & chocolate) and went to a couple of Christmassy workshops.

2. Edinburgh's Hogmanay launched this year's programme, which is all themed around luck. This year I am determined to go to the torchlight procession, it looks amazing!

3. Riley only really gets outside at the weekends now, as we keep him in when it's dark, so most weekends I get woken up like this. Look at that grumpy face!

4. I made scones, my favourite food ever. Recipe coming very soon...

5. We stayed up til about 3am watching the US election coverage. I went to bed very nervous & then was so relieved to wake up and hear the news! Well done American pals.

6. My view commuting to work (coming home is pitch black). I love living on the edge of town SO much. I can't wait until the fields are all snowy and lovely.

7. Ingredients for a wedding cake. I used my go to vanilla sponge recipe & Claire recommend her favourite chocolate cake recipe (which, bloody hell, is AMAZING). My lovely pals Jude & Charlotte were getting married & it was the most wonderful day. I wish I could go to a wedding every weekend! I love love.

8. Muzz, Biddy & I at the wedding. I pined some net to my hair & was obsessed with it - wish I could wear it every day! You can see a more detailed/posey photo here.

9.  The nice folks at Motel sent me my first Christmas card! You can get 20% off all year round with the code eversojuliet - keep it in mind if you are on the hunt for a party dress.

10. Rae and I obsessed with moustaches at Tachebooth!

11. At The Stand for Red Raw, the beginner's comedy showcase that runs every Monday. It only costs £2 to get in & it's a mixture of brand new comedians & more experienced ones trying out new material.

12. & finally Riley... snoozing away. I'm a bit jealous of how he spends his days!


  1. well done on nanowrimo!! I've wanted to do it for a few years and I've never been able to "find the time"- but you've clearly been mega busy! scones look amaze :-) x

  2. that is A LOT of baking stuff! Wow. I have decided never to do any baking for parties or weddings again, it stresses me out and I just don't have the time anymore, sob.

    1. Yeah, it's quite intense! That's the second wedding cake I've made for a friend - I used to run a cake company and I couldn't go back! I once did five wedding cakes in a month, on top of usual cupcake orders (and a full time job), argh! x

  3. Congrats on finishing NanoWrimo! The ikea event sounds like it must've been super fun as well. :) When stuff I like that happens I'm in the same boat as you- 'what does this say about me?' haha.


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