Tuesday 18 December 2012

Tiny felt creatures

Aren't these the loveliest things you ever did see? I just wanted to share something awesome with you all today - little felt creatures that my very talented friend Kate crafts!

Here's some of the brooches she has made recently - I think my favourite is the very dapper fox with the anchor jumper & tiny pipe. Look at the attention to detail! Amazing.

Every felt creature she makes is stitched by hand & are all custom orders - so you can ask for anything! They can also be made as brooches or necklaces -  I think a little fox brooch pinned on a yellow cardigan would look really lovely.

If you would like to order one, just email colleran.kate (at) gmail (dot) com with an idea of what you had in mind. Prices start at £20 (there's a little bit of waiting line, but it's totally worth it!).


  1. Ahhh tiny felt creatures what more could you want? I wish to purchase all of the above esp the sperm whale - I'd like to stitch it on to a plain oversized jumper or use one to jazz up a boring bag! x

  2. wow they're brilliant! So adorable! xxx


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