Thursday 27 December 2012

Jess Buckley illustration

I feel like I am always tinkering with my blog in one way or another, and my recent mission has been updating my blog pages (the about ever so juliet, how to, blog roll, contact & sponsor links above) to make them a little more interesting. 

For my about me page I really fancied using an illustration (I figure there are enough photos on here of me already!) so I asked Jess to put something together for me and she came up with this! 
I love it! I think my favourite bit is Riley just casually lounging in my hair, how cute!

Jess put together a post on how she came up with the drawing (which you can read here) & you can order a custom illustration here if you fancy.


  1. Oh wow, such a lovely illustration! It looks great! xxx

  2. This is so cute, I love illustrated versions of people, just lovely x


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