Are you a blogger, an indie business owner, or someone with something ace to promote? Then let's work together!

Ever So Juliet is updated three times every week (sometimes more!), averaging 30,000 impressions every month and growing pretty steadily! This is made up by 20,000+ unique users per month, with many subscribing through Google+ and Bloglovin'. I also reach over 1,000 people through twitter and facebook, and regularly promote this site. Phew!

People who read Ever So Juliet are really lovely. Fact!


Any item that has been sent or given to me at a press event will be marked with an asterix (*). I'm only going to feature things that fit this blog and are of interest to my readers. I'll be honest and good with my opinions, because that is the right thing to do.

I'm happy to write sponsored posts as long as the client/message fits in with my blog. To chat about this & any other creative ideas, feel free to email me: thisisjuliet@gmail.com. I will always label each post as sponsored, and will put a disclaimer if I receive payment for the post.

I use Skimlinks on this site, which means I sometimes make a commission if you buy a product that I've linked here. The beauty of this is that I'm only linking to products that I actually have used/recommend, and they do the hard work for me (rather than having to sign up to affiliate programs or looking up separate links). Hooray!

Basically I really love advertising (I used to work in advertising so I sort of have to) but I understand that not everyone feels this way. I promise I'll work only with nice people and companies. Any profit I make will be spent on advertising Ever So Juliet elsewhere, nail varnish and occasional glasses of wine.

Figures updated: 1st May 2014
Source: Google analytics