Wednesday 5 December 2012

Lovecrumbs, Edinburgh

Recently I met my friend Lianne for the best kind of lunch - all cake, and nothing sensible. We went to lovecrumbs, an amazing wee cakey cafe just up from Edinburgh's Grassmarket.

The cafe is lovely! It's full of quirky, mis-matched furniture, and feels like you've just stumbled into some brilliant guerrilla cake party. There's an old piano in the corner and little window nooks for curling up and watching the world go by - basically the perfect place to be if you find yourself with a free afternoon & a good book.

The cakes are displayed on old pallets and in a huge wardrobe (which is amazing - surely cake is the next best thing to find in a wardrobe... after Narnia, obv!).

It was hard picking what to go for (check out the gooey chocolate tart in the first photo), but in the end I went for a ridiculously massive slice of chocolate, banana and peanut butter cake and coffee. GOOD LORD. Lianne had an equally huge lemon cake and tea (that came in a thermos, aw).

The cakes were gooooood. Mine was really moist & the combination of chocolate, peanut butter & banana was amazing. Just writing this post is making me hungry, I need to get back!

If you find yourself in Edinburgh, check them out. Lovecrumbs is at 155 West Port (roughly between the Grassmarket & Lothian Road).


  1. I've heard Lovecrumbs is amazing. Probably a good job it wasn't there when I was at studying ECA as I think I would have lived in there! The lemon cake looks absolutely delicious.

  2. Dear god that lemon cake looks good! I am going to have to get down there...

  3. Aww, I love Lovecrumbs. Makes me wish I had a cabinet of cake at home!

  4. This reminds me of the beautiful 'Brunch Club' in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong - a similar laid back, vintage feel!! I like A LOT x

  5. I really want to go waste my afternoon eating cake now, it all looks so delicious xo

  6. EVERYTHING looks so yummy. Literally, everything. xoxo

  7. Ah the cake you had sounds amazing! The last time I went in with a group of girls we all got different slices and had a kind of cake conveyor belt going. Deee-licious. I need to find more reasons to go out and eat cake.

  8. nice photos I liked your blog, I follow you!
    and if you like mine I hope you like pretty follower :) a kiss!

  9. My brother is moving to Edinburgh in about a month! I will have to let him know about this place. Geezzzzzz the cakes look delicious. I'm so hungry now, THANKS A LOT hahaha. :)



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