Wednesday 19 December 2012


I used to get my eyebrows threaded, but fell into a bit of an eyebrow-rut when I could no longer get it done at my hairdresser. I tried a few different places but wasn't satisfied for various reasons... they were too expensive, or I didn't like the shape, or it was a pain to book... etc etc.

So when I noticed Claire, the lovely events co-ordinator from Benefit, tweeting that a brand new Brow Bar was opening in John Lewis Edinburgh I instantly messaged her saying - tell me more! (thank goodness for twitter).

I visited the Brow Bar on the very first day it opened, which was MANIC (well done to the staff for keeping so calm and collected while surrounded by a zillion customers) and had my eyebrows tinted and waxed. I was very happy with the end result, but didn't get a chance to fully take in the Benefit experience (or take any photos!) so Claire invited me back for another treatment* & to see how things operated on a more normal day.

When you first go in they sit you down at the make up bar and explain the process. The Benefit brow is tailored to match your face (no stencils in sight!) to ensure the perfect look. The Brow Expert maps your ideal shape in relation to your facial features, so it starts, arches and ends in the perfect position.

I was getting my brows tinted as well (mine are naturally super fair) and they chat to you about what look is best - I like strong brows so mine are quite dark, but if you're more of a natural girl you don't need to stress - it's all about making you happy! Your brows are then waxed (I find it a bit sore, but it's so quick you barely notice it), then a cooling gel is put on to calm things right down.

The very best bit about a Benefit Brow Bar is afterwards they take you back to the make up bar to conceal any red patches! This means you can easily book an appointment at lunchtime (it takes about 15-20 minutes) & go back to the office without your colleagues wondering why you have a red brow. They also define your new brows with brow zings (a brow shaping kit) which keeps them super neat.

This is what the finished result looks like (ignore my scruffy, scruffy hair!). I'm really pleased with them, thanks Benefit!

It costs £11.50 for a brow arch, or £18 for an arch and tint which is a total bargain in my books!


  1. I hadn't heard about this ! Looks awesome i will be heading down after the holidays :)

    What is Claire's twitter handle ? Will need to keep an eye on all the going ons.


  2. That sounds fantastic! My eyebrows are also v fair, how often do you have to get them done?

  3. Your brows look awesome!

    I haven't had mine done since before I was pregnant but next time I'm in Edinburgh I'd love to give it a go!

    Amy x

  4. I was getting mine threaded and while sometimes they were perfect, other times they were horrendous. I went to the Benefit bar near me (Perth, Australia) on Thursday and they are amazing. They offered to fill them in, but I was going to the gym so waste of effort. It is a bit more expensive then what I usually pay, but completely worth it!

  5. First of all, I would advise that the next time you go to a salon, ask for a "sensitive scalp" dye. There are many brands which are NOT harmful and can leave your hair in much healthier condition due to their gentler active ingredients and conditioning properties.
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