Tuesday 4 December 2012

Dream handbag wishlist

I thought I'd do something a little big different today, in honour of a little fashion show that's taking place in my hometown today (Chanel in Linlithgow - who would believe it?!).

I'm very much a highstreet girl when it comes to clothes. I am trying to move more into the mindset of quality over quantity, but I find it hard to resist pretty dresses... especially when they are under twenty pounds! But accessories are different. It doesn't matter if you change size or shape - shoes, handbags and sunglasses will always fit.

Generally I try and only blog about things that are affordable (maybe a little splurgey, but nothing too mental),  but as it's "Linlithgow Chanel" day (omg), here's my pick of ridiculously beautiful handbags that are on my wishlist.

Top row

Marc by Marc Jacobs 
A super chic leather cross-body bag. Such a grown up bag, it's lovely. & it's £470.

Mulberry Bayswater 
The dream! Such a classic, wonderful, I-will-keep-you-forever bag. It's (gulp) £795.

Lulu Guinness Envelope Clutch 
I am rubbish with clutches (I always drop them!) but I'd make an effort for this one! Love the lips clasp. It's £275.

Bottom row

Orla Kiely
The foxes! Orla Kiely is a master of beautiful prints, and this is no exception. It's £255.

Vintage Chanel
OF COURSE I had to include Chanel. This one really is a dream, £1,600.

Modula Pippa
A bright bag is a lovely way to add colour to an outfit. This one earns a million bonus points for having LOADS of compartments and pockets. & it's the cheapest on the list at £220.

Disclaimer: This post is written on behalf of Dilemma. All dreamy bags chosen by me.


  1. Love every single one of them.. anddd can afford none haha! xx


  2. Oh my. I think I just nearly cried at the Orla Kierly one. DAMN my lack of £255!! xx

  3. Perfect! I especially love the Lulu Guinness clutch, and the vintage Chanel, obv! xx

  4. Gosh wouldn't it be amazing to just buy any of them without a second thought to the price. I think I'll have the Marc Jacobs one please. LOL

    Jackie @ Minerva Collection Fashion Handbags & Jewellery

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