Tuesday 26 June 2012

EIFF photobooth fun

I am getting a bit behind of myself - I can't believe the opening of the EIFF was last week! (To be fair, I've had a pretty busy six days). It was SO much fun! We got glammed up, got to walk a tiny red carpet and excitedly spot famous people. FUN.

It was the UK premiere of Killer Joe which is a very (very very very) black comedy about a guy in debt (Emile Hirsch, hello) who hires a hitman (Matthew McConaughey) to kill his mother. I really enjoyed it, but it's definitely a film that'll split opinions. You'll never look at Matthew McConaughey (or fried chicken) the same way again!

The after party was at the beautiful National Museum which was looking splendid. It does feel a wee bit like absolutely everyone is holding events there... it's become my local night-out destination (which is sort of weird, as it is a museum, but good for them!). Rae & I awkwardly hovered right next to Jim Broadbent (because he is WONDERFUL), and then told everyone that we'd been hanging out with him. Which I am still going to insist is somewhat true.

Hahahaha Craig!

The party also had photobooths again, hooray! I (as you can see) am the world's biggest sucker for a photobooth - I just can't resist!

I've got a few films lined up this week which should be good - then I get to go to Brave (omg) on Saturday. How many times can I blog about Brave? Loads & loads, obviously. I hope it lives up to the hype!


  1. I love photobooths, they are so much fun, but you don't see many around these days. looks like you had loads of fun, let us know how the rest of your film induced week goes



    1. I know, I wish they were more common! x

  2. You actually stood next to Jim Broadbent??! EEEE I love Jim Broadbent! I would totally claim to have hung out with him too =D

    1. YES! Then I saw him ceilidh dancing a few days later!! Such a good week x

  3. Haha love the photobooth pics! I do love a good photobooth shot too :-) I've not managed to see anything from the film fest yet - bad form but hopefully this weekend! xx

    1. Do it! Best of the fest has just been announced too! x


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